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4 Reasons To Wear Boots With Dresses This Season

Winter has happily landed here in the Northern hemisphere and temps are surely showing it. While most women are donning their denim and boots combination, how about adding a little more variety in your wardrobe by doing something different? Yes, it’s OK to stand out a little…or a lot! Though there are many ways you can do this, I’m going to focus on one spicy trend in particular. Here are some delightful reasons to wear boots with dresses this season.

The Practical Reason to Wear Boots with Dresses this Season

We all know that boots are the preferred footwear in the cold. Simply put, they protect your feet from the cold, wet snow or freezing rain. There is that dipping temperature thing, too. The fact is, you may not want to always wear pants. Boots are just the thing to make a dress seasonally practical. After all, you don’t want to wait till spring to wear all those dresses you bought from FillyFlair.com.

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The Stylish Reason to Wear Boots with Dresses this Season

Boots come in a variety of shapes and styles that can go with nearly everything you wear. This means no dress is off limits! I’ve even seen women wear boots with their most formal dresses.

You can wear a variety of colors, shapes, and lengths with different dresses to create your own signature winter look. Additionally, you can add boot socks, colorful or patterned tights, or even leg warmers for warmth and style. This is one sure way to turn some heads out there.

The Flattering Reason to Wear Boots with Dresses this Season

Yes, many women love to get out the skinny jeans to pair with their new ankle boots. But what if you hate or don’t look good in narrow pants? Simple, wear your boots with what flatters your figure. That, of course, includes your dresses!

Almost everyone looks good in some type of dress. The key to wearing that dress with a boot is to balance your boots with the length of the dress. First, always check out your outfit in a full-length mirror. It’s best to not let the top of the boot to touch or go beyond the hem of the dress. Also, consider the style of the boot and the dress, as well what other pieces you have on. Remember to always choose things that look good on you and not just because it’s the latest trend.

The Versatile Reason to Wear Boots with Dresses this Season

If you are like me, you constantly go to the closet, stand there, and say, “What the hell am I going to wear?” Way too often we get into a wardrobe rut because we stay within a pattern. Those same few pieces get put together over and over again, while many others stay put in the closet. Learing how to put different pieces together that are not the “norm” will create a versatile and expanded wardrobe.

The boot and dress combination can add miles to forgotten pieces in your closet. Don’t underestimate the power of changing things up! Add in a scarf and a cute coat and you have an entire outfit without even trying. Change up the look of the outfit with funky, patterned tights or socks and you have a completely different feel!

Dresses and boots are a modern seasonal wardrobe upgrade that will make you look like a fashion pro! You’ll feel confident, happy and flirty giving your dresses a new role. This helps you to break out of the jeans and boots default look that is so expected. I know what I’m going to wear today!

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