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4 Reasons You Might Struggle To Lose Weight

It is a sad fact that nearly half of all American adults are obese. However, it is the mission of many doctors and other practitioners to help their patients change this. With a better understanding of workouts, nutrition, and conditioning, most people can make positive changes to their health. But, despite all efforts, some women still struggle to lose weight, which can be enough to discourage them from trying. This, in turn, can ruin any progress they have made, no matter how small they feel this progress was. So why do some women struggle to lose weight? Though everyone is different and needs to consult with their doctor, there are a few things that could be standing in the way to successful weight loss.  Here are four common possibilities to consider.  

You Are Consuming More Calories than You Think 

The fact is it’s pretty easy to eat or drink more calories than you burn off. This is especially true if you don’t have a solid plan in place to keep you on track. Consuming extra items, even in small amounts, can throw off your metabolism and add on too many calories. Things like juice, alcohol, sugary snacks, and those little taste tests you do at the stove can be the little foxes spoiling your weight loss vine. The best solution for this is awareness and working on changing old habits. Have a plan in place that addresses hunger, boredom, and any other issues that seem to trigger eating or drinking more.

Your Fitness Routine Isn’t Consistent 

Everyone begins a fitness journey motivated and excited about the future. They go to the gym as often as possible, they make their morning walk or run something they cannot miss. But, one minor disruption can throw all of this out of the window. If your routine is not consistent, and you miss days or even weeks, you won’t see the results you hoped for. Avoid this by looking at the best ways to keep your family fit. Exercising together will make the activity fun and provide accountability. It’s too easy to decide you don’t feel like exercising sometimes, but if you have others depending on you, you won’t make as many excuses. 

You Have a Medical Condition

Sometimes, it isn’t about being unmotivated physically or overeating. Some women simply have a medical condition that makes it difficult to lose weight. This doesn’t always mean you should accept this as an issue you cannot change. Speak to your doctor about your options because they could offer advice you never considered. In some cases, they will have solutions that are simple like changing or adding medication, and sometimes complex like getting a gastric sleeve revision or other types of surgery. This all depends on your state of health and what your medical needs are. They could also refer you to a specialist like a nutritionist to help you navigate a dietary change for your illness.

You Are Not Being Realistic 

Many women go into a fitness journey expecting immediate results, and this is where problems can start. Try to be realistic with your goals and plan by researching appropriate weight and fat levels for your age and body type. Being patient with yourself as you work through your plan is the best way to stay on track. 

A sample goal might be to shed 5% to 10% of your weight. Your goal date will depend on the amount of weight you choose to lose. Remember, the first few weeks will bring positive results as you drop water weight, but it will become harder after this happens. If you’re not familiar with weight loss, this might be disheartening, but try to persevere. The harder you work and the greater your focus, the sooner you’ll see results that will motivate you to keep going. 

Final Notes

No one gets into better shape overnight, and you don’t need to trim down to look like your favorite celebrities to live a healthy life. If you’re struggling to lose weight, there are still changes you can make if you want to see results, so show some patience and evaluate where you could improve. Giving up on your health should never be an option no matter what your goal is.

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