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4 Important Considerations Before Getting Plastic Surgery

For some people, plastic surgery is an option to help an individual who may have been hurt, injured, or born with a genetic defect that can be corrected. For other people, plastic surgery is something they want, not necessarily something they actually need. For the latter, there must be conscious thinking and discussions to make a final decision whether or not to go under the knife. Here are a few considerations before getting plastic surgery. 

Are There Other Viable Options?

One extremely important thing to know is if getting surgery is the only option to fix your issue. After all, going under anesthesia and getting an invasive procedure done has way more risks than other therapies and procedures. For example, do you really need a facelift, or could you get similar results by doing fillers or botox? Do keep in mind, however, even these simple injections come with their own set of side effects and risks. Furthermore, though injections have an immediate benefit, they have to be repeated in order to keep the look. 

Do also look into more natural things to help your skin look and feel younger. Perhaps try some facial yoga (exercises), deep tissue facials, or micro-needling. All of these things come without a huge price tag, side effects, and high risk. I do recommend learning all you can about any procedure you want to do. Make your decisions based on facts and not just your emotional response to how you are judging your appearance.

Why Do You Want To Do It?

Plastic surgery is often used to soften or eliminate scarring from an accident or surgery. Plastic surgery is also used to correct defects from birth that were caused by genetics or traumatic birth. Does your procedure fall under this category? If not, then ask why you want the surgery done. Rhinoplasty will fix bumps in the nose bone, and jawline surgery can correct a misshapen jaw that can cause discomfort. Both of these kinds of surgeries are definitely cosmetic, but they also improve the patient’s quality of life. So you can see that there are a wide variety of reasons anyone would want to get plastic surgery. Just make sure that you know why and are convinced that it is worth it.

Is Your Surgeon on the Up and Up?

A lot of times, surgeons can pressure a patient into getting a procedure they don’t need in order to push up the price tag. In times like this, it is a good idea to find a doctor that is board certified and has a history that you can track. There are certain areas that are hot spots for plastic surgery, within them are surgeons in the mix who are not who they say they are or provide subpar care. Do your research first or you could find yourself looking for a medical malpractice attorney. Again, this is a risk that you have to be willing to take.

Do You Want to Look Natural?

A red flag to getting plastic surgery is that you are going to change your appearance permanently. The problem is that many procedures can leave patients looking too “fixed” and less like a naturally aging woman. A lot of surgeries can be too much, like overly plump lips, breasts that were augmented beyond what is rational, and changing the overall shape of your face. Many doctors recommend having surgeries where the average eye can’t tell anything was done. If you want an exaggerated surgery, chances are you may not be in the right mindset to have something major done, and perhaps your motives need to be reevaluated.

Everyone’s reasons for getting plastic surgery differ, and what you choose to do with your body is your choice. Just make sure your reasons are good enough for you and you understand all risks and costs.

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