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4 Tips To Achieve Small Business Marketing Goals

Marketing has always been one of the most challenging elements of running a business. You need to get your name out there and noticed in order to make money. However, because the whole business world is trying to do the same thing, this goal is tricky and can feel overwhelming. Deciding whether you will work on your marketing or hire a professional can be a catch-22, as well. After all, it’s a delicate balance between money, time, and skill level. I do believe some marketing can and should be done personally, but other things would likely go better with a pro on board. Nevertheless, here are a few tips to achieve small business marketing goals.

Utilize SEO

Working on SEO by yourself can be challenging, but there are useful and effective tools out there to help with the basics. Most publishing platforms like WordPress have downloadable tools that take the guesswork out of optimizing content. Google Search Console, UberSuggest, and GTMetrix are a few other examples of tools you can search for when you need help with your SEO.

Some business owners choose to pay another business to handle SEO for them if it’s within their budget. A white label program can cover every aspect of your SEO for a price. This can be worth it for those who simply don’t have time or skills for this type of work.

Use Social Media Marketing

Most social media platforms are free and easy to use, giving you the chance to take a DIY marketing approach with confidence. However, even the most simple acts online can feel awkward and scary if you are not used to them. Remember, you are competing with so many others trying to do the same thing. It’s important to establish a unique brand and content style that gets the attention of your ideal customers/clients.

Again, look for tools that make your time on social media efficient and effective. Tools like Buffer are great for scheduling posts, and there are countless social media research platforms available to help with your ideas.

You can also pay someone to handle social media for you, though this can make the whole thing lose its personal touch. People want to see real responses when they comment on your posts, so try to find a balance between personal interaction and outside help.

Use Email Marketing

Email marketing may be something that most business owners can handle themselves, depending on time. This could also be a task that someone on your staff handles for you. If you want a large mailing list, you will need to pay for the use of a mailing platform. The free ones like MailChimp have stronger services at higher levels. One company called simplelists also offers a free service but has a unique pay-as-you-go plan that allows you to pay only for the data you use. I recommend researching your options with this, as there are varying programs to fit different needs.

Have a Quality Website

The field of web design has changed a lot over the last few years, with website builders like Wix and Squarespace giving business owners the chance to build their platform simply and quickly. Tools like this save you from having to learn code, though they can be a little restrictive if you want something custom or different.

Paying someone to build a website for you can cost a small fortune, but it will also save you time and effort. There are plenty of web designers and developers available at varying budgets, allowing you to do all or part of the project.

Marketing is a challenging thing for small businesses, but you can overcome the issues you face when you’re willing to either spend time or money on it. You can do all of your marketing yourself if you’re on a tight budget. Fortunately, this is only getting easier as more options hit the market that are designed for DIY marketing.

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