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5 Tips For Post-Workout Self-Care

Though you might spend time planning and executing an effective fitness routine, have you considered post-workout self-care? Because true health and fitness require times of rest and recovery, it’s important to include these things in your plan. KNow that, any gains you make in your overall fitness can be heavily impacted by the recovery routine after exercising or the lack thereof. Unfortunately, the majority of well-intentioned women don’t have a post-workout routine. So what does that actually mean? Let’s take a look at a few tips to get you started.

Replace Lost Fluids

In general, it is ideal to replace fluids lost during exercise. This can be done by drinking water or electrolyte-enhanced drinks before, during, and following any activity that promotes sweating. Understand that every metabolic process and nutrient transport in the body is optimized by proper hydration. Don’t forget that the body’s standard water need is half your body weight in ounces to maintain a healthy fluid balance. So that means, when you sweat and exert a lot of energy, drink even more.

Healthier Eating 

Replenish your body’s energy stores following exercise for optimal recovery. Proper nutrition will help you gain strength, repair tissues, and be ready for the rest of your day. Following an exercise session, aim to eat high-quality carbohydrates and protein approximately 60 minutes later. If medical conditions like arthritis are present, that make exercise more strenuous, consider taking supportive supplements like glucosamine chondroitin if your doctor feels it might help.

Relax And Rest

If you are recovering from an illness, injury, or overdoing it, time is the best remedy. Allow your body to heal itself by giving it ample time to repair any damage. Even if you don’t have an injury or recent illness, allow yourself to rest during workouts and in between. Experiment with how much time you need to feel good between activities. 

Stretch And Recover

One thing I’ve come to know is that if I skip the stretch after a workout, I pay the price for it. This is especially true if I work out hard. Warm-ups and cool-downs are key parts of a successful exercise routine. Also, as part of your recovery, you could include tools like medical ice packs and supports. 

We have already talked about the importance of rest and relaxation, however, active recovery can improve circulation through gentle movements. The transport of nutrients and waste through the body is enhanced. Hence, walking or cycling briskly can help you to refuel and repair more quickly. 

Get More Sleep 

There are many great things that happen in your body when you sleep. When you are a regular exerciser it is critical that you get at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep daily, especially if you are severely fatigued throughout the day. As you sleep, your body actively produces a hormone called Growth Hormone (GH). GH plays a crucial role in repairing and growing your tissues and has an extremely powerful effect on how you feel. The importance of sleep for any workout plan cannot be overstated. 

When you are completing an exercise program, these five tips should help you recover properly and as quickly as possible. What other tips could help with recovery after a workout? Comment below with some of your favorites. 


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