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5 Top Signs It’s Time For A Job Or Career Change

Though women usually do their best to get jobs and pursue careers that make them happy. However, there are cases in which joy doesn’t even come close. Fortunately, some distinct things hint that it might be time for a job or career change. These symptoms can be subtle or impact your life noticeably over time. Having one may be a fleeting moment of unrest, but multiple signs such as unfulfillment, burnout, and no progression can mean it’s time to think about moving on.

You Aren’t Fulfilled at Work

Have you ever felt the unpleasantness of unfulfillment at work? I have, and it made me not want to do my job. This often happens with a lack of challenge or utilization of our skills. If this is the case, you might want to consider a job or career change. Searching for a more rewarding job, such as a position in healthcare, might be more fulfilling for you. Think about your personality, people skills, and patience level before moving too fast into something new. That said, it doesn’t hurt to get information. Perhaps, you could begin a career in healthcare with a Royal Ambulance Scholarship. This could be a great option if your budget and time are tight.

Feeling Physical Fatigue

job or career changeWhen your body tells you it’s had enough, it might be a good time to change roles. Being exhausted, finding it hard to focus, and aching all over are signs that your body is stressed. Know that this can happen even if your job isn’t particularly physically demanding. Of course, these symptoms can happen as we get older, but don’t be quick to ignore them. Cutting a few hours can help if you can afford it, but a new role may be what’s best.


Burnout is a word thrown around in many circles, including business, parenthood, school, and certain jobs or careers. It’s a good thing because, as women, our self care awareness is increasing all the time. A survey of 15 countries found that 25% of people experienced burnout, with the majority being in the US. This could be a symptom of things like mental health issues and illness, but it also results from overwork. Just so you know, exhaustion, feeling like a failure, becoming cynical, and losing motivation are all symptoms of burnout.

Thinking About What Could Be

We have all daydreamed about what life could be like if we lived or worked somewhere else. After all, it’s only natural to imagine winning the lottery or starting a dream business. But these are often fleeting and pass quickly as we get on with life. But having thoughts about a new career constantly could mean you are deeply unsatisfied with your current role. It might be time to actively seek a new job if these thoughts encroach on your daily life at work. Remember, you are in control of your future and can make changes that serve you. I recommend starting with baby steps so you don’t trigger anxiety or create problems for yourself or your family.

No Opportunity for Growth

One of the most disheartening things that can happen at work is realizing that your job isn’t leading where you want to go in your career.  A horrid term is “a dead-end job.” But this relates to more than just lower-paid, unskilled roles. You could be the victim of rampant sycophantic behavior at work or nepotism, where family and friends of managers get promotions when you deserve them more. Unfortunately, this practice is more common than you might think, especially with family-owned businesses.

Do yourself a huge favor and know clearly where you stand in the company you work for by having a candid conversation with your boss or human resources. This way you can make a wise decision about staying or leaving. Furthermore, understand what could be causing any of the above feelings or symptoms whether it’s work or not.



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