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shake things up at work

7 Moves To Shake Things Up at Work

Your days at work can become an all-too-familiar routine. Day in and day out, you seem to do the same thing, and it can get a little dull. You don’t necessarily want to aim for a promotion or find a new job, but you want things to change. So what can you do to shake things up at work and make your work life more interesting? Fortunately, you can change your actions and see positive results. You might be surprised by how small changes could make a big impact on your daily routine.

Take on New Responsibility

shake things up at workThere are often opportunities to take on additional responsibilities at work. These could include being a health and safety officer or the office first aid person. They’re not full roles but can give extra duties and more money. First aid is a great skill, and you could start by taking a CPR class. As an employee trained in first aid, you might also be responsible for attending to and recording incidents or accidents.

Consider Switching Roles

Changing roles within the company could be an option if you want a challenge. There are sometimes opportunities to move around within different roles or departments. This can allow you to use your existing skills while learning new ones. Of course, you could pursue a promotion if you need something new. Getting promoted could mean more responsibility and a higher salary.

Organize a Work Activity or Club

When you spend a huge chunk of your time at work, you need to get along with your coworkers. Some people leave it at that, but you also have the choice to make friends and form more solid relationships. If you’re happy to socialize with your coworkers more, consider setting up an activity or club at your workplace. It gives you the chance to organize something and have a personal project, while also providing a way for people to socialize and do something fun. Your activity could be anything from a book club to a running group, which you engage in during your lunch break or before or after work.

Change Your Work Environment

Sometimes all it takes to shake things up at work is a change of perspective. If you’re bored at work, try moving to a different area. This is an easier thing to do in some places than others, but it’s often an option you can explore. If there are various work spots, a move shouldn’t be that difficult. Instead of sitting at your usual desk, you might use one of the breakout areas or a quiet pod. If it’s not so easy to move around, maybe moving would involve switching your assigned desk with someone else.

Instead of moving, maybe there’s another way to switch up your work environment. Decorating your space could make it more interesting. You could also remove distractions around your desk.

Make Use of Breaks

shake things up at workIf your workplace is flexible with when and how you take your breaks, you can experiment with how to use them. Maybe taking a little walk for a few minutes now and then can give you time to think and inspire you when you need ideas. Perhaps you find one long break more useful than two shorter breaks.

Try a New Routine

Do you find yourself doing the same things in the same order every day? Sometimes that’s just a necessary part of the job, but not everyone has to follow a strict schedule. If you can choose your work order, trying a new routine could help your days get more interesting. You can rethink the first things you do in the morning and which tasks you prioritize. Instead of checking your email first, perhaps it can wait until you’ve set up your other tasks for the day. Maybe completing tasks in batches could work better for you than your usual approach.

Speak to Different People

It might be that all it takes to make your day at work more interesting is to chat with different people. It’s natural to end up with a limited circle of people at work, but that means you might miss out on getting to know others. Branching out and getting to know someone new could mean gaining a new friend or someone to collaborate with while you work.

When you’re bored, a change to your routine could shake things up at work and be what you need to make things interesting again. Look for ways to do things differently to make work fun again.

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