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How Do I Keep My Children Healthy?: 4 Areas To Consider

You might be asking everyone you know, “How do I keep my children healthy?” No worries, more than anything, a good mom wants her family to be happy and healthy as possible. After all, joy, peace, and health are cornerstones of a happy home. Even so, most moms go through periods when they aren’t sure what to do. Though there are many family health areas to work on, I believe these four to be among the most important. 

How do I keep my children healthy? Here are 4 areas to consider.

General Health

children's healthAs the mom and overall badass of your family, general health is likely a focus. That said, obtaining and keeping health is sometimes harder than it should be. This could be because finances are in a slump or time is way too short. And, trust me, I understand both of these things very well as a seasoned mom of 6! 

If I can give you any advice on the general health topic it’s to teach children young how to be healthy. This happens by modeling health practices by taking care of yourself. Let them see how eating right, exercising, sleeping well, and life balance make a difference in how you feel. Additionally, if you notice a potential health problem for you or your family, take care of it asap. Get yourself, your partner, or your children to the doctor if needed. This helps them see the importance of teamwork in maintaining health.

Here are some specific things you can do for general children’s health:

  • Eat more at home than out
  • Know what foods are healthful
  • Encourage movement by moving yourself
  • Limit screen time
  • Set routines for everyone
  • Encourage rest and sleep
  • Stay current on health checks
  • Teach proper personal hygiene
  • Teach them (age appropriately) about the dangers of drugs, alcohol, smoking, and unprotected sex
  • Have them tested for allergies and food intolerances

Mental and Emotional Health

children's healthAnother important children’s health area to consider is mental and emotional health. It is an extremely important part of helping them to grow up as well-adjusted and happy adults. Unfortunately, life doesn’t always go smoothly, and children and adults alike have to tackle challenges that can impact their mental health. Again, I understand first-hand what trouble in this area looks like. It’s not pretty. Therefore, emotional balance is best maintained with focused work and attention.

Here we are again at the best advice I can give you…

Teach your kids at an early age how to feel their emotions and express themselves. Telling kids to be quiet and don’t cry can be damaging to their growing minds and character. Allow them to feel whatever they are feeling. Be supportive of who they are right now without judgment. And if you have not practiced this type of parenting, don’t worry, today is a new day.

If you are experiencing challenges right now, having tools to work through issues is a must. I’ve dealt with a broad spectrum of mental and emotional glitches over the years. It truly has been a learning journey for me as a mother. Just know that there is help out there. We have used individual and family therapy, educational books, resource teachers, and personal coping techniques to move through tough times. These tools were pivotal to helping me and my family stay balanced and live happier together.

Eyes and Ears

It can be easy to forget about eyes and ears if they aren’t causing any problems. Unfortunately, problems aren’t always obvious, especially with young children. I recommend that you play games with them that could reveal early problems. Additionally, regularly take your children at all ages to get their eyes and ears checked out. Good pediatricians usually check them at well-check appointments. They can refer you to any specialists that are needed.

If you do discover a problem, be emotionally supportive and help your child work through their feelings. Having to wear glasses alone can be a monumental upset for a child, especially during the teen years. Hearing issues can be even more difficult to deal with for children, as they can be bullied or cast out for being different. Talk to your kids and their teachers if changes to their vision or hearing have occurred.

Dental Health

keep my children healthyAnother thing you might not notice until it’s too late is the state of your child’s teeth. It helps to regularly model good oral health to ensure they understand what to do from an early age. I’ve also discovered that offering positive incentives to encourage a good oral health routine helps greatly. Yeah, I’ve paid them to brush their teeth…:). It’s worth it to do what you have to do to keep them consistent. Dental bills are no joke!

Get your family to the dentist for cleanings and checkups regularly to help avoid costly and painful issues. It also helps to teach kids that our oral health plays a large role in general health as well. Teeth and gums are in a partnership with the body to keep us alive. 

Though there are many things to do to keep children healthy, it’s impossible to execute every task and catch every issue. The most important thing to remember is that we moms are human, and we are going to make a whole bunch of mistakes along the way. Just pay attention and do your best to educate yourself about pediatric health at every stage. This way, you can feel more confident and know what to do in various situations. You got this, badass mom! Be well, my friend!

**** This post is strictly informational and is not meant to replace the advice of your healthcare provider. Women’s lifelink, its owners, administrators, contributors, affiliates, vendors, authors, and editors do not claim that this information will diagnose, treat, or improve any condition or disease.

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