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Make Your Bedroom a Healthful Haven

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Home is a place where dreams are dreamed, relationships thrive, children are reared, and all that really matters transpires as our life journey.  I truly believe that making this sacred space more peaceful and harmonious will inspire more of these precious moments.  I’ve seen the results in my own home when I’ve paid attention to the energy  patterns (positive and negative) throughout.

 “Decorating is like music. Harmony is what we constantly strive for. At home, we want a peaceful atmosphere where the objects are the notes and nothing is off-key.” ˜Charlotte Moss, from A Passion for Detail 

Last week I touched on a design concept called Elements that I developed with a friend a few years back.  I touched on the healing affect of color and lighting – one part of the holistic approach the concept delivers.  I’m happy to share another tip with you, as it all works together to create a healthful environment for you and your family.

Bedroom Bliss

As one of the most sacred of spaces, the bedroom has the potential to bring peace and serenity or ill-health and distress.  I’m only scratching the surface of how important it is to have balance in this area.  Focus on the actual sleeping space of the room first.  How does it make you feel?  Relaxed.  Happy.  Stressed.  Elements Design is primarily based on emotional response; therefore, it’s important to “feel” into your space.

Ask yourself what it is that brings the “feeling”.  If you find something negative, change it.  How?  If it’s a color that is disturbing, that’s an easy fix.  If it’s clutter, clean it up.  If it’s mental distraction, replace those items with symbols of peace, nature, love, etc.

The other thing to remember is the purpose of the bedroom.  It’s a place of rest, intimacy, solitude, or relationship-building with your significant other.  So, what emotions do you want to feel considering the purpose of the room?  I see so many examples of master bedrooms that fall short of being a couple’s haven.  Here’s why:

1.  Having pictures of the children, in-laws, friends, and people other than the couple can put a damper on intimacy.  Seriously, how can you get your “groove” on with mom staring at your bare rumpass or the kids smiling down on you from above the bed?  You get the picture…pun intended.  Instead, place meaningful shots of you and your honey where you can see them from bed.  Other relationship boosting photos include, nature, nudes, animals, and inspiring words.

2.  Working, exercising, and watching TV are all distractions from sleep and romance.  They require a completely different intention and energy to perform, that which confounds your ability to rest and relax.  Ideally, the only things you should be doing in bed are sleeping, having sex, or any other peace-giving tasks; such as, reading, meditating or praying.

3.  It’s the catch-all for the home.  If your bedroom is anything like mine, it can accumulate stuff like a country flea market.  The kids leave their clothes, toys, papers, and trash all over the floor, bed, and dresser; the mail piles up on the nightstand; even the books can overwhelm…yeah, all the ones you say you’re going to read but never get around to.  Got that pile…

4.  Too much arguing and fighting can put a damper on everything life-giving and positive.  Try not to talk about money, problems, or negative events while in your bedroom.  A good alternative to all the strife is talking about your dreams, times of peace, romantic trips you want to take together.

5.  Not enough sensual stimulation in the bedroom can make you feel bored or unfulfilled.  Realize your need (and your partner’s) for a heightened experience that involves sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch.  This translates to finding ways to bring these elements to your decor.  Stimulation, however, needs to be subtle enough that it doesn’t prevent you from sleeping.  Soft music, serene colors, gentle aromatherapy, comforting textures, and even the peaceful lulling of hot tea at bedtime can – and will -enhance your sacred space experience.

Remember to work on these changes as you can; don’t feel like you have to do everything all at once…unless you want to.  When you complete the transformation of your bedroom, be mindful of how it affects your sleep, love life, health, and emotional state.  I’m a believer that when you change your environment, you change your life.

Be Beautiful-Be Creative-Be Happy!


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  1. I just found this website coming from Blogging Women, and I love it, this article is really great, I am not very good decorating homes but this article gives great ideas of what to do , I agree with you with the fact that use the bedroom for anything else than sleep and romance is a mistake, I have been trying to follow that rule since a long time ago, sometimes I succeed, sometimes not.


  2. Fantastic post again!

    I would add that a color that ‘excites’ you, gets your heart pumping, in small amounts (or large amounts if you can sleep with it) can add a sizzle to the bedroom.

    I had to stop reading in my bed. It sets the atmosphere for fantasy that is true, but not the type of fantasy I want in the bedroom.

  3. The above article on Feng Shui is excellent if you want some specific ways to enhance the energy flow in your bedroom.

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