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Your Weekly Dose of Diva: Something Pretty Darn Cool!

Alexa and Diva hanging out…

It’s so good to be sitting down and writing to you. We’ve got quite a few brand new folks joining us – welcome to your very first dose of Diva! I’m writing to you on a beautiful day here on the West coast, sunny and warm. Just soaking in this incredible time of year as much as I can. This week I’m changing things up a little because something pretty darn cool happened. I was on TV!

Do you remember way back in March when I went on my road trip? Well, on that trip, one of the highlights, along with riding a horse on the beach, was an interview with the inspiring Orgena Rose. I had met Orgena the previous year at an event and was blown away by her vibrancy and passion. When I heard that she was living her dream of having her very own TV show interviewing inspiring thought leaders, entrepreneurs and people, I knew I wanted to be a part of it!

And it happened!

We filmed the episode this past March on location in beautiful Santa Barbara and it aired this week. It was very cool to watch it for the first time – is it weird that I laugh at my own jokes? I’m kinda goofy on film!

So without further ado, here it is…an interview with Orgena all about the healing power of horses, the BodyTalk System and the story of Diva.  Head here to check it out or click on the picture below. It’s definitely a dose of Diva! And it contains all sorts of wisdom and fun knowledge.


I’d love to hear your thoughts and any insights you may have had when watching.

To your utter fabulousness,


About Alexa Linton

A modern day cowgirl with a mission, Alexa Linton is known for lighting up her world and her clients with her infectious personality, bold coaching style and her secret sauce, the BodyTalk System. When these forces combine, perceptions transform forever, and health and lives change irrevocably in the most fabulous ways. With over ten years of experience working with horses as an Equine Sport Therapist as well as thousands of animals and people, Alexa has developed a healing style that is as intuitive as it is inspiring. Her first and foremost priority is results and she has been a catalyst for positive and lasting change for thousands as a practitioner, teacher and author. A fire-starter by nature, there is nothing Alexa loves more than seeing people light up from within and their lives change “magically and miraculously” as a result. Well, that and animals. Alexa’s animals are a big part of her healing team, providing insight, giggles, massages and the effect of the perfect furry hot-water bottle. Except for her mare Diva of course, who is much too large to be a hot water bottle, and prefers to rocket people into powerful transformation with her own style of Equine Facilitated Light up. It is Alexa’s big mission to help people find the fire in their relationships, career and bodies and truly live a life they love.

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  1. WOW! So much wisdom in this awesome video interview Alexa! I wrote a book on Feminine Personality Types and one of the types is THE DIVA. This type is about owning your worth and power. I love your description as
    Divine Inspired Vessel of Awesomeness! Love it. You Rock!

  2. Congratulations Alexa! Well done. I am one that can also giggle at herself and her own goofiness…..so I totally understand you laughing at your own jokes. Hehehe!

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