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3 Reasons You Might Stay At A Job You Hate

It’s rather concerning that career surveys state that 51% of people admit they are “disengaged” from their job. That means that potentially over half of the workforce is not happy at work and likely not performing the best they can. This is not an ideal situation for employees or employers. Complacency causes mistakes, accidents, and low profits. However, even dealing with bad bosses and poor working conditions aren’t always enough to make someone leave their job. There are some distinct reasons you might stay at a job you hate. Here are three main ones.

Reasons You Might Stay at a Job You Hate #1: You Don’t Like Change

Anxiety about the unknown and fear of change are both legitimate reasons why people will tolerate a poor job situation. This is quite understandable, considering all that goes along with a job change. That’s why your existing job – even if you dislike it – will attract you like a magnet. My husband is actually in the process of changing jobs as I speak. Even though the offer from the new company is a dream package, he still expressed anxiety over the move. Wanting the security and familiarity of your present job is the employment equivalent of wearing your favorite slippers in front of a roaring fire. It’s comfortable and safe.

What Can You Do About It?

To actively hold yourself back from something that might improve your life, solely because you fear change is counterproductive. That said, the fear of change is so pervasive in some people that they don’t see their options clearly. I find it helpful to ask questions about what could happen if the change is made. It also helps to write down pros and cons, so you can clearly see what the potential is. If fear is really gripping you, a few sessions with a therapist or life coach might help you to gain a new perspective.

Reasons You Might Stay at a Job You Hate #2: There Are No Jobs Out There

In a moment of intense irritation with your existing job, you might decide to have a look online and see what’s out there. You carefully go through your resumé, draft a cover letter … and, the crickets chirp. So that’s it; you forget about the whole idea and sink back into your horrible job. Before you know it, months, even years have passed by.

What Can You Do About It?

First of all, just because there was nothing out there once, doesn’t mean there won’t be. I recommend setting up alerts from popular job sites. Using specific keywords that describe what you’re looking for will bring opportunity right to your inbox. Also get into the habit of checking for jobs on a daily basis. You have to be consistent to try and catch the right thing at the right time. A bi-weekly browse isn’t sufficient in the hyper-fast job market these days.

Reasons You Might Stay at a Job You Hate #3: Thinking that a New Job Won’t Work Out

Many companies have probationary periods for all new employees which can be daunting. In some cases, you can even be contracted and not have a guarantee that things will work out. If and when you decide to interview for a new job, make sure you ask plenty of questions about the company culture and the job responsibilities. I also recommend interviewing present employees to get insight about working conditions.

What Can You Do About It?

Before you leave your existing job, save as much money as you can. This gives you a safety net should your new position fail. It also makes sense to leave your existing job on good terms, so you always have the possibility of going back there in the future.


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