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3 Effective Ways To Be A Great Leader

It doesn’t matter what name you give it – the millennial bug, a modern awakening, or self-development- scores of women want more from life than a boring job. They want to be heard, valued, and to make a difference in the world. In most cases, this type of life and career takes strong leadership to pull off. Mentors, managers, employers, teachers, and even parents have an important responsibility to guide the younger generation to greatness. And, if you have any of these roles now, that task is also yours. Here are 3 effective ways to be a great leader.

Effective Ways To Be a Great Leader #1: Teach and Show Others How To Solve Problems

It’s not enough to just tell others what to do. Though instructions are a starting point, they don’t often clarify or even reveal any issues that might come with the job.  Children, employees, and those whom you lead can get stuck without the proper guidance. For example, if you want to get more out of your employees as far as production, it’s important to lead by example. If they see you solving problems instead of getting upset and giving up, they, too, will be more likely to do the same. Be aware of how you act when challenges arise. Do you show others that staying calm and analyzing options is a solid way to come out on top?

Remember, if you are in a leadership position of any kind, there is a reason for it. Those around you may naturally look up to you or, at least, appreciate that you must have arrived there because you deserved to. However, this isn’t always the case. Some people do not respect authority and must be shown how to treat others. This is one problem that is definitely solved with character and by example. Taking the time to solve problems with those you lead shows that you are interested in their success as well as your own.

Effective Ways To Be a Great Leader #2: Allow and Encourage Others To Be Independent

A part of teaching others to be independent is showing them that we all need help sometimes. Yes, this means you, too! I know, it’s hard to let go of control when you want things to be perfect. However, with business, especially, it’s important to understand that we can’t do everything. That’s why employees are so valuable to the success of a company.

I recommend supporting your employees or others whom you lead by supplying them with options for help. This could be a list of trusted vendors or consultants. This list might include IT support, such as http://www.myit.com/ or creative copywriting and branding at https://www.coppermilkcreative.com/ and for graphic design, https://www.fiverr.com/. Better yet, you can come up with this resource list together and go through the steps so they feel confident in going outside for help. Ultimately, trusting others you lead to do their job is one of the most important ways to lead effectively. This strategy can be easily used for home life as well.

Effective Ways To Be a Great Leader #3: Inspire with a Clear Purpose

One thing that can be extremely motivating to us all is a purpose. After all, financial goals may not be enough to inspire or motivate you or those around you. Yes, money is a strong motivation to work hard, but without purpose, it can leave us feeling empty and dissatisfied. If we are the business owners, think about how our employees might feel without purpose and direction. As a leader, it’s up to us to present strong reasons for doing things. Even if these reasons aren’t always earth-shaking.

Everyone needs inspiration in order to push beyond their limitations. In some ways, we are all leaders, even if we don’t have a company or children. Someone is always watching what we do and how we present ourselves. Think about what drives you and inspires you to move forward. Do you clearly show others your convictions about your dreams and goals? Doing so helps others to take their purpose and dreams seriously enough to do something about them.


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