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3 Ways To Empower Employees To Succeed

This post was contributed and may contain affiliate links. Over the years, I’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly where business management and leadership is concerned. And, I know that nobody is perfect and that mistakes are made. That said, there are just certain things you need to have on board as a woman who manages and leads people. I don’t believe any company will truly make it to the levels of high success without treating their staff as though they matter. Here are 3 Ways To Empower Employees To Succeed.

Empower Employees To Succeed #1: Respect Them

Respect is a two-way street. As a boss, you need to give it to receive it in return. There is nothing to gain by treating others as though they are less important. Each and every person who works for a company is a vital part of ongoing success. I’ve worked at places where the bosses acted as though the employees were expendable at every moment. This gives an uneasy feeling to workers and only promotes a lax attitude. One of the best ways to show respect to an employee is to listen and take what he or she says as important.

Empower Employees To Succeed #2: Reward Them

Do you remember when you were an employee and wanted to be seen and heard? Think about that time whenever you deal with your staff. What things made you feel appreciated and what things made you feel unwanted? Periodic rewards are one way to empower employees to succeed because it shows you care.

You don’t have to lavish them with gifts at every turn, but you can do certain things to show appreciation. A dress-down day, an office coffee service, bringing in lunch for them are all small gestures that scream “you are valued!”. Even just a small chat with each of them creates a human connection they won’t forget. Remember their birthdays, anniversaries, etc. if you really want to show them how much you appreciate them. 

Empower Employees To Succeed #3: Reclaim Them

A lot of employees can lose faith in the company they work for. It’s time to reclaim them. First, they need to know their job is safe, that the company is viable. If they don’t see company growth, they could feel insecure and look for work elsewhere. This has happened to my husband several times.

Also, work should not get stale and boring. Offer them the chance for change and progression by challenging them. If they see no ladder to climb or any chance to improve their skills, why should they stay? Reclaim your employees by giving them something to look forward to when they come to work. Make things adventurous and fun for everyone! This really isn’t hard, considering the level of excitement people expect from work is usually pretty low. Talk about your goals and dreams as a boss or owner. Give them the opportunity to build something special at your side. 

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