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3 Fulfilling Careers For The People-Focused Woman

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Are you working in an unfulfilling job? Do you wish you could make money and also help people? Or are you just ready for a career change? Training for a career shift is becoming more and more common, as women want to fulfill deeper life dreams and goals. Here are some of the most popular choices for careers that focus on helping others.


After spending a long career in a specific industry, many professionals find teaching in later life a viable option if they want to give back. It’s a way to still use exclusive experience, make a salary, and help prepare others for their lives. This is true whether you teach adults or children. Ideally, choose a position that puts you with students you can relate to.

Even if you have no experience teaching, your unique skillset and real life experience bring something special to the classroom. Use your business connections to scope out any teaching opportunities in your area. There may even be opportunities in your present company that would give you some experience. You could even brush up on your own education by taking some teaching specific courses.


If you’re a caring person, deal well with stress, and you’re not squeamish, working in a medical profession such as nursing could be the change you need to fulfill a desire to help others. Older adults who choose to go into nursing tend to find it easier to cope under pressure than some of the younger people in training.

Becoming a nurse will require specific skills and education. Check with colleges in your area for more information about what courses and/or degrees are required for the various types of nursing positions.

Other Medical Specialists

The medical industry is continually growing and in need of high-quality professionals. Because of this, it’s a smart option for a career shift even if you have never worked in the field. Again, you will need to research your options and educational requirements. Check out sites like EarScience.org.au/education for information on unique training. Organizations that specialize in training medical professionals may be a perfect option for those in career transition.

Some other careers to consider if you want to help others: social work, law enforcement, counseling, or coaching. What ever you do, make sure you understand exactly what you want and what is expected. If you are a more mature adult, the last thing you want is to get into something that won’t fit your needs and passions.


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