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4 Things That Can Kill Business Productivity

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You don’t have to look long and hard to find new technology meant to increase connectivity and create an easier and more efficient way to do business. That said, it can also be a  distraction. Consider these 4 things that can kill business productivity.

Cell Phones

Who would have thought 30 years ago that a phone would become such a distraction from normal work and play? The fact is that most people spend more time on their phones than they do with close friends and family. No only that, these inanimate objects tend to easily tear the human race away from important tasks and work projects.

And, if you’re a boss, your employees are likely spending WAY too much time on their phones, as well. It’s one thing to curb your own phone addiction but what do you do when it’s your staff? You might find this Ricoh survey interesting. As well as offer tips on how to deal with productivity issues, it gives many reasons in a statement that will help you to relate to your employees.

If it is you who is mindlessly checking your phone during business hours, first analyze what is really going on. Are you bored? Is your work not fulfilling you? Are you running from a challenging project? We all have likely had one or all of the above-mentioned driving us to void-filling activities.

Changing your bad habits will take awareness and, obviously, some action. Technology doesn’t have to hinder your business at all; in fact, it needs to be helping it. Use web resources to seek out how you can tighten up your time management. Go for creating a balance between work and play.

Outdated Themes, Apps, and Programs

If you are using outdated programs and applications, you may be burning up valuable time unnecessarily. Simple updates and software upgrades can give an efficiency boost that, ultimately, give you a stronger bottom line. Take a look at all areas where you use technology and do what you can to bring things up to date.

In some cases, rebranding and a complete redesign of your online presence is needed in order to create the kind of efficiency I’m talking about. Furthermore, if you aren’t knowledgeable about how to make such changes, you will need help. My best advice is to contact an IT specialist who can help you make a plan. Check out the information you can read at ATB-Tech.com. IT experts can implement networks, update websites and social media, and offer support.

Slow Internet Connection

A strong and reliable Internet connection is a must for all businesses. There is really no excuse for wasting time waiting for your computer to load web pages. Seek the best connections in your area and make sure you are getting what you pay for.

Social Media

We all love our social media accounts these days! Yes, they are fun, entertaining and can even be a super highway for new contacts and potential clients. However, these virtual playgrounds can also become a HUGE distraction! Don’t fool yourself into thinking you are working that whole time when you know you are not.

I have nothing against staying in touch with your priority accounts, but don’t let this connection take over your precious time. Those notifications and feeds can steal hours of productivity. One thing I do is get all of my online work done first before I get to “socialize”. It doesn’t always work out that way, but I am much better than I used to be.


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