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3 Important Considerations Before You Work From Home

Perhaps you want to start your own home business or try remote working through your present company. Whatever the reason for wanting to work from your home environment, you are probably thinking mostly about all of the benefits of that venture. However, I encourage you to also consider the “cons” before you make this move. After all, any huge change to your work environment is worth a thorough investigation. Here are some things to consider.

Your Health

I am happy to say that there are many benefits to working from home, most of which, I’ve experienced over the years. One thing some women might not consider, however, is that there are both health pros and cons when working from home

Though your health could benefit from a (potentially) cleaner and more comfortable environment, you also run the risk of living a lifestyle that could hurt your health. For example, without the need to go out for work, we become less active, burn fewer calories, and could become sedentary. Additionally, if you’re somebody who thrives on the company of others, your mental health might take a knock if you’re alone all day. Of course, you can overcome any potential health problems by scheduling time for exercise and social time. 

Less Support

When running your own business, you could be on your own to figure things out and get the work done, especially during a startup. Of course, you can always pick up the phone or email someone for advice, but it isn’t going to feel the same as having colleagues or a boss on hand. This is something that small companies deal with on a regular basis until they can afford to hire staff or outside help. 

When outsourcing is a financial option, you could see your time free up and stress minimized. You can include tasks like IT that take a lot of time and skills to operate.  JAD Technologies is just one example of a company that helps you preempt or recover from any technical problems you might encounter at home. You might also take on an employee or two when your business grows, perhaps on a part-time basis.

Distractions and Low Productivity

Yes, it is possible to work around your family’s needs, but simply being at home can distract you from getting work done. This happens because you equate your home to comfort, family, routine, and personal endeavors. If it suddenly becomes your workspace, the transition isn’t going to be all black and white. Create a schedule that works for your business, you, and your family. Your partner and children must also understand and respect your workspace and time. 

You might also be distracted by your TV, social media, and your friends and neighbors if they know you are at home. Working from home can also be tiring if you’re tempted or forced to work longer than you should. We all know that stress and exhaustion are not good for our personal or professional lives. 

Working from home is neither all good or all bad, it is a challenge to balance the two. If you are dedicated to making it work, you will succeed and even notice some personal growth in the process. Make sure to consider all of the pros and cons as you approach the topic with your family.

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Madeline is a mid-west mom of three who spends most of her time refilling ice trays and changing toilet paper...just kidding. She is a high school guidance counselor, all around funny gal, and a writer. Her first book, Be Happy Already!", is in the works.

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