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3 Jobs That Deserve More Respect

Though you may not want to do a service job for life, all three of the below positions are certainly valid and needed. Many women find themselves climbing that ladder of success by gaining experience in challenging people positions , such as waiting tables and manning a customer service line. The problem is that the general public may not always see service employees as people to respect and value. This is often evident in the low tips left on tables around the world. Not only is this just plain rude, but it can undermine the moral fabric of our free society. Each and every job out there is important and should not be taken for granted. Think about that next time you become angry with a customer service rep or food server. Here are 3 jobs that deserve more respect.

Jobs That Deserve More Respect #1: Food Service / Bar Staff

How hard can serving food and drinks really be? You can hear those job snobs thinking as they disrespect the very people trying to make their experience pleasant and satisfying. If you hear anyone saying this, I guarantee it’s by someone who has never done the job. Food and beverage service is hard work that takes excellent organizational skills and endurance. You have to have a mind for tech as well with the modern contactless payment methods and identity verification with app that are a part of most establishments. And last time I checked some of these employees make more money than managers with a degree. Yeah, just saying.

Jobs That Deserve More Respect #2: Customer Service Agent

Customer service is often targeted with disrespect by people who don’t really understand how it works. It doesn’t help that the old saying, “The customer is always right!” rings through most people’s heads as they interact with customer service reps.  And, BTW, no, they’re not always right.

I understand that it’s common to have distasteful experiences dealing with some CSRs, especially over the phone. However, this shouldn’t leave a bad taste in your mouth for them all. The truth is, there are people doing poor work in all fields, jobs, and industries. CSRs just happen to get a bad rap because much of the contact they have with the public is due to problems. Customers are already generally upset when they call or approach the counter.

The reality of customer service work is that it takes a certain set of communication skills to do well. They have to be on the ball, able to remember information and have a thick skin to deal with the inevitable volley of insults that come. It’s exhausting, requires a huge amount of mental agility, and a genuine desire to solve problems. Maybe if everyone were forced to give customer service a go for a day, we’d all be a lot nicer?

Jobs That Deserve More Respect #3: Receptionist

On the surface, being a receptionist might sound easy – but it’s anything but. A receptionist is literally the front-face of a company, so, of course, he or she has to be relentlessly aware of attitude and poise. This position requires knowing how to handle problems and even difficult people. Busy times can be stressful and need to be handled with grace and organization. Unfortunately, these front faces can get the brunt of anger that really has nothing to do with them. Next time you see a receptionist, take a moment to be kind and appreciate the work done. In fact, respect all of these jobs and the people who do them. 



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