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3 Keys To Finding Your Unique Business Voice

Finding your unique business voice not only opens you up as a business owner but opportunities for company growth. This is not just in terms of your creativity, but also how it forms your business relationships. Know it is something that develops over time and with experience. It helps to know yourself well and what it is you want to accomplish in business. Identify your goals and passions early on to put forth your best self. Check out some of my top keys to finding your unique business voice.

Finding Your Unique Business Voice #1: Be True To Yourself

Finding your unique business voice requires some guts to be who you are. Though you may be inspired by others, dig deeper for something that is special to only you. This is how you brand yourself. Additionally, chase your dream and not just money. Have a “big why” and go for it daily!

If you have a desire to provide a certain service, it has to come from a place of honesty and integrity. And it’s these aspects we have to dig deep inside ourselves to discover. Once we clear away unnecessary components and figure out what we really want, we can project our truth and individuality. 

Finding Your Unique Business Voice #2: Serve the Customer Well

The number one asset you have as far as customer service goes is quality communication skills. This is your voice and your ability to hear theirs. It also is figuring out how your goals and mission are able to meet their needs. When you discover what your customer actually wants and needs from you, not only can you tailor your products and services, but you can develop a strong business relationship.

Communication is of utmost importance but so are the logistics of your business and how you handle them. This can also take on a unique style and process. When you have the foundation laid properly, you can create personal ways to serve your customers. Think about how you feel when you are shopping in store or online. What things do you want and need? What are your favorite stores in which to shop? Simple things like having quality and simple payment processing for small business help keep customers coming back. They love being served well and in your special way.

Finding Your Unique Business Voice #3: Continual Business Planning

Even if you’ve already written and executed a killer business plan, you may want to revisit it. Things and people change. Goals and action steps need to change sometimes to accommodate life and certain situations. You want to keep your business planning continual and consistent. This becomes especially apparent after being in business for a while. Flexibility is a major key to success in any business. A fine-tuned brand and unique business voice don’t just happen overnight. It comes after failing…yeah, I just said that. Mistakes are springboards to growth and success.


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