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3 Simple Ways To Improve Customer Service

I recommend that all business owners be keenly aware of the overarching importance of serving customers and clients well. Yeah, I know, it’s easier said than done, sometimes. This is because everyone has varying needs and desires where your business is concerned. Some are happy with simply getting their products on time. Others need a little more attention and require owners, managers, and customer service reps to do flips for them. LOL. And, I suppose different situations call for different actions. From my experience as a consumer and a business owner, it’s important to know and consistently perform basic things to improve customer service. Here are a few simple actions you can do today.

Improve Customer Service #1: Widen Their Options

Time is a valuable commodity today. And, when it comes to consumers, shopping needs to be efficient and easy. Having lots of options on your site or in-store can improve your customers’ experience. This is particularly true when they are in a hurry and don’t have time to go looking elsewhere for products and services. 

They also may want lots of options for customer service questions and issues. Some solutions are having manned phones, a good email reply service, and an app for contacting you. Make sure you put equal effort into all of these, You can get more information about current QA trends here at QA blogAs long as you are putting forth an effort and providing plenty of options for your customers, you should be able to keep them happy.

Improve Customer Service #2: Be Faster to Respond

A surefire way to improve customer service is to be available. That means minimizing delays in communication and action to meet their needs. If you want to respond to them considerably quicker than you have been, consider your present method of communication. Are you missing emails, calls, and contact form entries? If so, why? Are you in charge of these things or have you delegated that responsibility? I recommend doing a test response time throughout your business. Test each platform for wholes and lack. Make appropriate changes as you can.

Improve Customer Service #3: Listen to Them

Simply listening to your customers when they tell you something about your service or business is a perfect way to improve customer service. Not only for that particular customer but others. Sometimes, we can’t see problems or deficiencies in our businesses because we are too close to it. It can take outside opinions and advice to help us see where we need change. I know one thing I hate is managers and owners who only care about being right and defending their positions. No, businesspeople should not let customers walk all over them. That said, they also need to make them feel important and valued. This happens when they are heard and appreciated.

You can also actively seek feedback by putting satisfaction surveys out there. I find more people will give you useful feedback if they actually believe it matters to you. Therefore, offering a prize or incentive for them to fill out a survey is a perfect way to motivate them. It shows that you are willing to invest in their input. 

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