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3 Major Bad Odor Culprits In The Home

In most cases, home odors are harmless, but it’s wise to investigate and find the source as soon as you can. You could be dealing with things like mold, leaks, or other things that could be unsanitary or problematic for health. Below are a few bad odor culprits and some suggestions for dealing with them.

Blocked/Slow Drains 

A completely clogged is obvious and demands attention immediately. However, a slow-moving drain could go unchecked for longer and be a huge culprit for an unpleasant smell in your home.  To clear a blocked/show drain, you could use a plunger or a drain-clearing product. If you want to avoid chemicals, consider using a natural formula made at home. For the latter, mix a third cup each of soda and vinegar and pour it into the affected sink. Flush it through with hot water after leaving it to work for an hour or more. For bigger blockages, I recommend calling a plumber. If you have a critical overflowing leak, you could need urgent help from a business like Sydney Emergency Plumbing.

Your Fridge

Refrigerators can be an obvious source of smells if you have spoiled food that needs to be removed. That said, some things can cause milder odors that you might not notice if you get used to the baseline smell of your kitchen. Certain foods can leave a residual scent behind even if they are no longer in the fridge. Fish, onions, broccoli, cheese, and strong-smelling veggies can smell especially strong at first and remind you that they were there for days after.

Make a point to check your fridge for aging foods and condiments regularly. Additionally, check under and beside the fridge for spilled liquids and crumbs that might have escaped during transportation to the counter. Clean everything with vinegar, baking soda, or a non-toxic cleaner for best results.

If your fridge still smells bad after removing spoiled food and proper cleaning, pour a box of baking soda onto a baking sheet and leave it overnight. This should absorb the bad odor and leave your fridge smelling much fresher. Here are some other tips for cleaning your fridge

Your Carpets/Rugs

Bad smells could be coming from your carpets for several reasons. Spilled drinks and food can go deep into the carpet and the padding even if you clean up quickly. Mud from your shoes can also be a problem that builds up over time. And, if you have pets, your know what they can do to carpet. In that case, I recommend taking care of pet damage as soon as possible to avoid lingering smells.

To ensure your carpet gets a thorough cleaning, consider a professional carpet service. Or you could buy or rent a steam cleaner and give your carpets a good going over yourself. In between your deep cleans, you can freshen your carpet with baking soda. Sprinkle it over the entire carpet, wait a couple of hours, and then vacuum it up. I also add mild, pet-safe essential oils for a pleasant air freshener.

Though these three are three common bad odor culprits, there are hundreds of other reasons your house is stinky. Consider things like the trash can, garbage unit, disposal, washing machine, or even your home’s electronics. For the latter, you might detect a fishy or burning smell, so call for help immediately if you suspect there may be electrical issues. To create a lasting pleasant scent in your home, try diffusing essential oils, displaying fresh flowers, and airing out your home by opening windows.



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