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4 Ways To Protect Your Home From Pet Damage

Owning pets can be one of the most satisfying things you can do. After all, they are entertaining, great companions, and can actually improve our mental and physical health. That said, they can also take a toll on your home and its contents. Most people are aware that pets can leave carpets stained, smelly, and full of hair, but they might not be prepared for the damage their little cutie pies can do to other parts of the home.

For example, dogs, depending on their size and breed, can be especially problematic for wood structures, doors, and even walls. If you are planning on getting a pet, it’s important to understand the cons with the pros. This means doing research and even talking to experts about your pet’s behavior. Additionally, you can take preventative measures to protect your home and avoid costly repairs and pet injuries. Here are some simple ways to protect your home from pet damage.

Train Your Pet Properly

One of the best things you can do to protect your home is train your pet in the basics. Commands like “stay, come, leave it, down, sit, and others are extremely useful in getting your pet to do what you need them to. Believe it or not, you can train other types of animals besides dogs as well. The best thing you can do is experiment with your pet to see how responsive they are to training. Keep in mind, you might need help from a pro if things don’t go well.

One simple thing you can do right now is don’t ignore bad behavior. Let them know early on that certain actions are not acceptable. You might start by letting them know what parts of your home are off limits. If they start destructive behavior, direct them away and help them focus their attention on a toy or other activity. Reinforce good behavior with treats and lots of praise consistently to speed up the training process. 

Fix Damaged Areas Immediately

If your pet has already caused damage to any area of your home, repair it as soon as possible. This is in your best interest because animals are habitual and will return to a spot where they have scratched before if put in the same situation. This is a common occurance on doors, trim, and the walls surrounding them. You might be surprised at how much damage pets can do if left alone. If you can’t do the repairs yourself, call in a handyman or drywall repair service and get damaged areas patched up immediately. Remember, damage to your home can put your pet at risk as well if they are eating substances or scratching obsessively.

Protect Vulnerable Areas

If you know that your pet will be in the same area often, it’s a good idea to use wall guards, floor protectors, and furniture covers. Consider your pet’s size and breed to determine what type of damage it could do. Local or online pet stores should carry some protective items for floors, walls, and furniture. You can get clear protectors for walls so you can keep the aesthetic of your home. 

Use Scratch-Resistant Paint

Surface scratches can become a big problem, even with smaller dogs and cats. If your pet is causing noticable scratches, it could be the type of paint on the walls and trim. You can try using scratch-resistant paint in that area and see if it helps to minimize the surface damage. It’s available at most hardware stores and it costs about the same as regular paint. It’s also good for high-traffic areas in the home where you are likely to get bumps and scrapes against the walls. As long as it is applied properly, it should give you great protection against minor damage.

Pets can do a lot of damage to your home if you don’t stay on top of things. I’ve had pets my whole life and seen some pretty gnarly wall holes, stains, and destroyed flooring. Fortunately, I’ve learned to prevent this destruction before it happens or, at least, minimize it by being consistent and training them.


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