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3 Major Career Change Considerations For Any Age

Many women have greatly re-evaluated their career choices in light of the pandemic. Many have found that they want to give back in ways that promote health and happiness. However, a career change is one of those things that is best considered carefully before making a move. Women go through career changes for a variety of reasons. Perhaps, they want a better salary or more flexibility for a family. Others need to feel like they are making a difference in their communities and want to feel useful and appreciated. Though these and other reasons might be soled enough for some women to quit their jobs and move on, do think carefully about what is best for your situation. Here are a few major career change considerations for any age.

The Industry You Want to Work in

First, think about whether you love the industry you’re in presently or have prepared for. If you do, indeed, find joy and satisfaction there, it’s possible you may not need to change industries at all. If this is the case, think about a job change within your industry.

When you truly discover what fulfilling work means to you, you could start in a completely new industry if that suits you better. Many women are now feeling they want to contribute more to the health and wellness industry. And while it may require a number of qualifications to get to your ideal role, you can choose a job that doesn’t require as much experience or qualifications to start with. You could check out medical recruitment agencies like cmr.com.au to see what roles are available near you and if you can contribute using your current skills. 

Build a Picture of Job Satisfaction

One of the best things you can do to paint a clearer picture of what you want is to start a journal. This ultimately helps you to consider your reactions to your current role and the pros and cons of staying put or leaving. Having a record of recurring themes and events and how they make you feel helps you remember things and plan accordingly.

Along with understanding where you are, take a personal inventory of your skills, interests, and values for the work that you enjoy. Look at the things that you’ve been successful at, whether it was in a job or in another part of life to determine what contributed to your success. This is where a personal SWOT analysis can come in handy, and you can find a personal SWOT analysis on creately.com to give you more insight.

Rebranding Your Identity

If you have taken the time to brainstorm the appropriate careers that could be a good fit for your skills and values and found potential job matches, consider rebranding yourself before you start applying. This is important because your experience may not line up with your desired goals without the proper presentation. You can utilize your current experience to make you a better candidate for what you are applying for by using a personal statement and cover letter. You may have to undergo a massive restructuring of your social media profiles to make sure that it reflects your new identity. Take your time and be cohesive and consistent as you move forward.

It’s not an easy thing to do, but if you really want to change careers, remember it’s possible with the right focus and steps. Be solid about why you want to do it, and create a plan that will serve your situation, financial needs, and time. 


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