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3 Savvy Ways To Get Smokin’ Hot And Ready For Summer

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Is anyone else in the Northern hemisphere over winter already? Well, those dark mornings are starting to get a little brighter; we are in the home stretch to Spring and Summer. You know what that means? Yeah, it’s time to start thinking about getting ready for warmer weather.

This is the perfect time to focus on self-improvements like fitness and health, and, of course, you want to sport that smokin’ hot body for summer. Here are some savvy tips that you can start today!

Smokin’ Hot and Ready for Summer Tip #1: Get Healthier In General

You may already be thinking about caring for your health more this year.  Kudos to you, if so! If not, start with the basics. Here are the 2 most important things you can do:

Drink more water

Drinking more water is a great way to boost your health. It can aid in weight loss and your mood levels, as well as improve your skin condition and tone. It is nature’s natural detox, after all. The recommended intake is around two liters of water a day or half your body weight in ounces. It can be difficult to get into the habit of drinking that much, especially if you reach for those sugary drinks every chance you get. But it can be a great way to boost your health.

Improve Your Diet

Maybe you have been dieting for the last month, trying to lose a few pounds. However, often a diet isn’t sustainable for the long term. Try to place more focus on eating a balanced diet moving forward. Enabling yourself to enjoy treats here and there to keep you motivated.

Smokin’ Hot and Ready for Summer Tip #2: Pay Attention To Your Skin and Hair

Summer means more skin showing! Guess what, that glowing, perfect complexion doesn’t just happen overnight. You have to work at it consistently. Don’t forget about the skin below your neck either. Remember, beautiful, hydrated skin looks better in a bathing suit.

Get that Healthy Glow

Many women look a little pasty after the winter. With the sun barely making an appearance in some areas, we can either visit a tanning salon or use a self-tanning product. I’ve done both, and I do feel that giving yourself a fresh glow for Spring gives a boost of confidence after a season of covering up. Make sure to use the best self-tanning and skin care products you can afford on both your face and body. You will thank yourself later when you get older and look years younger.

Treat Your Feet

Our feet tend to be cooped up in boots and socks for the Winter season. No surprise they look like an angry reptile after being ignored for 3 months. Again, you have a choice to put your feet in the hands of a professional or do it yourself. Honestly, an at home pedicure doesn’t require too much time but has huge payoffs. Even if you just moisturize them every night before going to bed, you will see a big difference. 

Time To Trim the Bush

Summer is fast approaching, and we must think about de-fuzzing from the winter. Not just your legs, ladies. Bikini area trimming or waxing is a must! Some women choose to have these services done professionally on a regular basis.  However, there are many at home options for waxing the body or facial hair removal for women that you can try. This leaves you confident to rock anything you want during the spring and summer.


Smokin’ Hot and Ready for Summer Tip #3: Update Your Wardrobe

If you are like me, you gravitate to darker colors during the winter months. Black is a universally flattering color. But now it’s time to check out the fashion trends for the Spring and brighten things up. You could make a gradual change by adding a brighter top to your usual dark outfit. Small wardrobe innovations can do wonders for your confidence and mood.

It’s the ideal time to go through last summer’s clothing to check for wear, size issues or dated pieces. Decide what you want to keep and donate or resell the rest. The spring and summer fashion lineup is already in stores, so it’s the perfect time to do some savvy recon and figure out what your wardrobe needs. While you’re at it, start scoping out the hottest swimwear styles early. The best stuff goes quickly!

It’s not too soon to prepare yourself mentally and physically for the warmer seasons. Your planning and efforts will pay off when you look smokin’ hot on that beach or out to dinner with your partner or besties! No matter what, have fun as you get yourself ready!




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