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3 Simple Ways To Prevent Or Ease Foot Pain

Unfortunately, feet can be one part of the body that gets taken for granted and even forgotten. Well, that is until something goes wrong or pain is involved. There are many reasons feet get into a poor state, including little or no care, weight issues, bad shoes, and lack of rest. It’s likely that there may be more than one of these things happening as well. The good news is that there are some simple ways to prevent or ease foot pain when it happens.

Prevent or Ease Foot Pain #1: Wear Quality, Well-Fitting Shoes

It’s tempting to buy (and wear) those “to-die-for” heels even if they are out of your size. You say, “Oh, it’s only a half size. I can squeeze into them!” Well, at the store, we put on shoes and walk maybe 5 steps to check out the fit. The problem is that, in reality, we wear them for a lot longer. So those ill-fitting shoes become your feet’s worst enemy when you’re out on your date.

Sometimes, however, shoes seem to fit well in the store but, upon wearing the first time, they cause blisters or discomfort. This just happened to me with some clearance shoes. In this case, I recommend that, no matter how much you love their look, take those cursed things back! Never put up with bad shoes for the sake of fashion!

Another thing that can bring problems to your feet is wearing high heels all the time. The abnormal angle in which your feet must sustain in heels actually can do damage to tendons, muscles, and joints. That’s not even considering the funky things it can do to your knees, hips, and back. At least, that’s what my chiropractor says. To help alleviate this kind of foot strain, rotate wearing heels of varying heights and flats.

Prevent or Ease Foot Pain #2: Wear Insoles

Insoles are a great way to prevent and ease foot pain. Just remember that not everything out there is going to be effective. First of all, I recommend consulting with a foot doctor if you have severe pain, as you might have a more serious condition that needs attention. As far as buying insoles, read reviews and only purchase brands that offer exchanges and returns. This is primarily because each person is different and needs specific support and comfort levels. Companies like biopods.com offer a guarantee and will answer all of your questions before purchase.

Prevent or Ease Foot Pain#3: Wash, Dry and Moisturize

Close up foot care is one of those things that can get neglected as we get older. It could be flexibility or back issues that get in the way of taking care of our feet. If this is the case, do the best you can in the bath or seated in a chair. You can also ask someone to help if you are completely disabled.

No matter what age you are, washing, drying and moisturizing your feet daily helps to keep them soft, callous-free, and feeling their best. Pay special attention to the spaces between your toes, as they can harbor germs, fungus, or bacteria.

With this daily routine, check for sores, scrapes, cuts, bruises, swelling, and redness. If you find anything, investigate the possible cause and take care of it immediately. If anything persists or disrupts your normal activities, consider consulting your healthcare provider. 

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