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3 Things To Consider About Social Media Advertising

Unless you live in a remote part of the world or have chosen to go off-grid, you likely use and value social media. Some use it for personal connection alone and some for business.  Regardless of the purpose, it is something that seems to demand our attention on a regular basis. Therefore, it is also one of the places we see and hear about things to buy, join, or at least investigate. Some business women believe that social media is the perfect place to gain new customers and clients. That said, some give it a thumbs down for various reasons. Let’s look at a few things to consider about social media advertising.

Social Media Advertising #1: Is It Disruptive?

The majority of social media users are there for personal use. That means keeping in touch with friends and the world in general. Being bombarded by ads may not sit too well with casual SM browsers. That is unless they are there to check out new products and ask opinions about what mascara or yoga pants their friends prefer. However, I know that I have been gracefully whooed to look at products and services while chatting with my Facebook friends. It really is a numbers game and one of smart ad placement. Social media ads can be tailored to only show in the feed of a specific market. This is where it can work well for both the business and the consumer.

Even so, the use of advertisements on social media has been criticized by some. There are those who even purposefully do poor YouTube reviews on what a Facebook or Instagram user has been recommending. They then recommend the product’s competition because they either sell it or have an affiliate agreement with the company. This type of negative marketing has become commonplace. Though I don’t recommend it, the premise is effective. Another thing that happens is some businesses will actually buy Instagram likes to help establish a greater following and reputation.

Social Media Advertising #2: Is It Better To Advertise on Your Website?

Think about what you do when you are in the market for a product or service. Do you Google it? Do you ask your friends for recommendations? It’s important to put yourself in the shoes of the consumer. After all, we are all consumers with needs and want them met as easily as possible. Advertising on your website is a good way to specifically reach those who go there from other platforms. Though the link might start on social media, they are able to read more about you and your offerings on your site. Some business women also use blogging and quality articles to educate consumers and give value.

Integrated email and visitor tracking is another way to understand who is visiting your site and why. It generates quality leads for future use when you have new products and services. There are different types of tracking that vary in cost from free to hundreds a month. Social media is an important tool, but it’s not the only one you have in your business arsenal. Remember to expand your quest for new customers beyond your SM walls.

Social Media Advertising #3: Have You Personalized Your Plan?

I think we can agree that each business has its own needs as far as advertising. Finding your portal to succeeding at your goals and dreams is a process of trial and error in some cases. I recommend learning about social media and how it could benefit your business before you invest there. It can be a money sucker if you don’t utilize the market with wisdom and clarity. Furthermore, if you are using SM for advertising, keep good records so you know if it’s working or not. Get as specific as you can with targeting your ideal market whether this is with actual ads or relationship building.

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