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3 Tips For A Better Business Setup

Whether you’re opening your first location or expanding your business, there are some crucial decisions to think about. Things like future growth, quality location, security, and financial viability are all important factors to consider when moving forward with any business. Here are 3 tips for a better business setup.

A Better Business Setup #1: Selecting the Best Location

There’s no denying that the location you choose for your business can be the difference between success and failure. First of all, is it centrally located for easy access for customers and staff? How accessible is the business to suppliers or your own delivery methods? What other businesses are in the area, and does this help drive more customers to your establishment? Bear in mind the regulations, zoning fees, and tax rates that can differ from area to area. Neglect those, and the new workspace could end up being more costly than you originally thought.

A Better Business Setup #2: Finding the Right Experts

Finding and hiring the right experts to help build a strong foundation for your business is crucial. Consultants, builders, marketing and branding experts are people who know and understand things that you may not. For example, if you need to design and build a location from scratch, call Cochran architecture or similar firms for advice before you do anything. What about suppliers, HR reps, and accounting experts? For these types of services, I recommend seeking out trusted mentors or colleagues for referrals. Network until you find the right people to meet your needs.

A Better Business Setup #3: Make Your Space Fit You and Your Brand

Productive and engaging workplaces are known to be better for owners and their staff.  If you are clueless about how to make an office appealing and functional, take a look at some of these amazing ideas by Escreo. Inspiration coupled with your own style and branding are what make you stand out in the business world. Instead of trying to copy everyone else, think of unique ways to bring life and charm to your space.

Aesthetics such as color, light, and clean, professional looking furniture create a cohesiveness that often translates as “the owner cares” about her employees.  You have to consider the layout of workspaces as well. Do they need open-plan spaces that allow for better communication and collaboration? Or do they need the privacy of booths and partitions? Or might they need both in an office separated into different zones for different purposes? Think about the work your team does and the spaces that might better allow them to do it.

Starting a business and building it from the ground up is a challenging endeavor for new owners. I do believe that the careful consideration of all aspects from the beginning makes all the difference in the world. Success comes when you are prepared and have a solid plan that can be executed with efficiency and resolve. Help is needed to do this. Paying attention to the details of your location and space will ultimately make you happier as you venture along the path of business ownership.


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