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3 Tips To Keep Your Remote Business Safe And Successful

This post was contributed and may contain affiliate links. Working from home isn’t just for freelance workers and self-employed, it’s now a very common way to run a business. Though this modern way of doing things might sound cool and comfortable, you still have a business to keep safe and maintain. That means being able to separate your home life from your business and still keep your sanity. After all, you have a team of remote employees counting on you to make things run smoothly. This setup will require you to be ultra-conscious of scammers, hackers, and Catfish ploys. Be sure about who you are working with and do your homework. Here are 3 tips to keep your remote business safe and successful.

Keep Your Remote Business Safe and Successful #1: Effective Communication

Just because you’re physically far from your employees, doesn’t mean your communication should suffer. I recommend having regular conference calls or chats to set the tone for each day or week.  These can be virtual meetings on WebEx or Skype to go through the points for the day. Quick, daily communication is best kept to Google Hangouts, Facetime, or Messenger to avoid getting stuck on the phone all day. That way, everyone knows they can ask questions in real time and expect you to respond.

Keep Your Remote Business Safe And Successful #2: Effective Security

Make sure you have a good line of security in place. There are so many IT companies, like ProviDyn, who set up an infrastructure, such as a cloud-based service to help businesses improve their security. Cloud storage is also a great way to back up your data should a virus penetrate your network and erase important information. Because people will be using their own devices, it’s important to set up a policy that can be policed.

As well as effective storage, you need to have virus protection that covers a multitude of threats. Don’t just rely on basic, free scanning software to protect your business. You need frontline protection that stops an attack before it happens.

Keep Your Remote Business Safe And Successful #3: Effective Connection

The one main issue with working remotely is the lack of personal interaction. Someone being on the end of a phone line or chat screen isn’t the same as eye contact and real human interaction. To counteract this, make time to meet up with colleagues by renting out a meeting room or hosting a dinner for them. This shows your employees you care about them even though you don’t see them in person regularly. If your staff is scattered all over the world and aren’t able to meet up regularly, you could have an annual event that brings them together. Make this a special time for training, encouragement, forecasting, and putting new goals in place. 

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