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3 Ways To Cheer Yourself Up After A Bad Day 

Sometimes it can feel as though the world is against you. You might hate your job, be dealing with a breakup or trauma or just simply be exhausted. These things can take a toll on your everyday life. It’s important to remember that no matter how gloomy you feel, you are not alone. We all experience times of darkness, and we get through them eventually. Whatever the problem is, it’s important to look after yourself during times of trouble and take a break from work if you need to. Listen to what your body and mind tell you and respond accordingly. If you’ve forgotten how to be kind to yourself and you’re in need of a boost, here are 3 ways to cheer yourself up after a bad day.

Cheer Yourself Up after a Bad Day #1: Treat Yourself Like a Friend

It’s easy to fall into self-pity and blame when you’re feeling down, but what does this actually achieve other than accelerating negative feelings? It’s okay to wallow for a night, but remember to take care of yourself too. Think about what you’d say to a close friend and then be your own friend. If you have trouble doing this, do reach out to someone close to you who will listen and give you emotional support.

Cheer Yourself Up After A Bad Day #2: Buy Yourself a Gift

We all know the saying “money doesn’t buy happiness,” but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t treat yourself once in a while. If you’ve had a super stressful day (or week, or month), it helps to give yourself a little TLC. Treat yourself to something that makes you feel good, whether it’s your favorite latte from Starbucks, a bath bomb to enjoy when you get home, or a new book to take your mind off your worries.

You don’t have to be super girly to enjoy treating yourself, either. If you know listening to heavy metal music makes you feel better, buy yourself a new album. Perhaps you smoke vapes and you want some fresh e-liquids, head to Auster and order some. If you need to gorge yourself on a pizza, then do it. You can think about quitting your bad habits next week, but for now, take it easy and give yourself what you need.

Cheer Yourself Up After A Bad Day #3: Turn to Comedy

Watching a funny TV show or listening to your favorite podcast can do wonders for your mental health when you’re in a slump. Now and again, we all need a little escapism after a hard day, and they do say laughter is the best medicine. If you’re not sure you’re ready for comedy, try something that feels familiar like a favorite movie or book.

Remember, tomorrow is a new day and, sometimes, the tide can turn quicker than you expect. No matter how difficult things are, don’t forget to reach out to your family and friends for support, and talk to your doctor if feelings of sadness or depression continue.

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Madeline is a mid-west mom of three who spends most of her time refilling ice trays and changing toilet paper...just kidding. She is a high school guidance counselor, all around funny gal, and a writer. Her first book, Be Happy Already!", is in the works.

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