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3 Ways To Be Fashionable And Comfortable At Home

Clothing and fashion should only ever serve to make you feel confident, to express yourself, and of course to help you stay warm. That doesn’t mean that you can’t feel good about yourself even in the most casual of settings like your home. Think about how nice it feels to have on a matching underwear and bra set. It’s funny that it would have that effect, considering no one sees it except for you and maybe your significant other.

So, does that mean that you can feel that same thing if you know you look good on the outside? I believe the answer is “yes” as long as what you’re wearing serves with comfort and function, too. Here are some ways to be fashionable and comfortable at home.

Be Fashionable And Comfortable At Home #1: Wear Comfortable Shoes that Are You

Though some women don’t even wear shoes at home, I believe it’s worth a quick note. With ath-leisure all the rage in the fashion realm, casual comfie shoes aren’t hard to find.  So, I’m not just talking about house shoes slippers. But, hey, I’m not knocking your fluffy bunny slippers…

I recommend that you try various comfortable shoes that might take you out to run a quick errand as well. There is merit in saving time and energy. And, you never know who might show up at your door while you’re casually lounging around.

Be Fashionable And Comfortable At Home #2: Ath-Leisure at It’s Best

There are many flexible clothing items that you might choose to wear at home such as a sweatshirt, the age-old ‘joggers’ or comfortable sweaters. Of course, these items all have their place. That said, let’s discuss that “feeling good about yourself” thing for a sec…

What if you just put more thought into your “at home” wardrobe? You can damn well be fashionable and comfortable if you invest some time and a little money. Places like TJMaxx and Target offer a wide selection of athletic wear and ath-leisure pieces. Look for items that catch your eye…yeah, you want to love them. This is your time to treat yourself to clothing that suits you when you’re the most relaxed you’ll ever be. It calls for positive feelings, a side of confidence and a sprinkle of sexy. What? You don’t think you should have to be sexy at home? Ask your significant other about that one.

Be Fashionable And Comfortable At Home #3: Indulgence Pieces

Sometimes wearing extravagant pieces like a silk nightgown can help you not only relax in your home but to feel confident and sexy. I believe that lingerie empires like Victoria’s Secret would concur.

Not into lingerie, how about a special hooded tunic and a pair of jeggings with your favorite hair accessory? You can do whatever you want and wear whatever you want in your home, after all. Indulge in the things that make you happy and will set you up for a pleasant time alone or with friends and family. 

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