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4 Fun Holiday Activities For The Whole Family

As the winter holidays approach, it’s a great idea to start planning some fun holiday activities for the whole family. At least, get some ideas flowing before the holiday decor and dipping temperatures show up. Sharing your thoughts with the family will also help to get them in the spirit for the changing season, the holidays, and some special family time. I recommend getting everyone’s opinion about various activities and taking a poll to see what wins. In case you need a few ideas to get you going, here are some of my favorite holiday activities.

Fun Holiday Activities For The Whole Family #1: Try Ice Skating

Physical activities can be a lot of fun, and they’re also a way to keep your family active. Have you considered gathering everyone up for a day on the ice? Many cities have indoor and outdoor facilities, where you can skate as an amateur and even rent skates. The fee for this type of public skating is normally affordable. Additionally, there are usually flexible hours in which to book a skate session.

If you’ve never been ice skating, there are some basic tips that help to make the experience more fun and safer. For one, when you’re ice skating, it’s important to find your center of balance. This may be awkward at first, so don’t beat yourself up if you end up on your rear end a few times. OK, more than a few times. Try bending your knees slightly and using core muscles to stay as upright as you can. You will, however, notice that you will be slightly bent over once you can get going. Make sure to stay close to the wall until you feel confident enough to skate without it.

Fun Holiday Activities For The Whole Family #2: See a Live Show

If your family appreciates art and creativity, seeing a live show may be a nice treat this holiday season. There are so many Christmas shows for kids, as well as other religious events if that’s what you’re looking for.  Look for shows that peak you’re interest or particular theme and buy tickets as early as possible. Shows like the Nutcracker and A Christmas Carol will sell out fast. You may simply choose to go see a movie for the holidays if you can’t get into a live performance or play.

Fun Holiday Activities For The Whole Family #3: Go out for a Fabulous Meal

As wonderful as making meals at home can be, sometimes it’s nice to retire your kitchen utensils for an evening and go and enjoy a nice dinner somewhere with your family. This goes double for around the holidays when things can be crazy and rushed. Think about going to a restaurant that’s both affordable and child-friendly where you can talk and laugh over good food. It may be ideal to get reservations beforehand so you can plan the perfect night out for the whole family.

Fun Holiday Activities For The Whole Family #4: Find a Winter Wonderland

Another fun activity to do with your family during the holidays is visiting a winter wonderland. There are some truly amazing setups all over the US and other countries.  This is a chance to experience the magic and enchantment of the season with the people you love the most. Winter wonderlands often have spectacular lights displays and even additional activities for patrons of all ages. Some of these can be connected to traditions like Santa Claus, tree-trimming, religious themes, etc. Again, find what you and your family click with and go for it!



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