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3 Ways To Develop Yourself For A More Fulfilling Life

Self-improvement is a tricky topic to discuss because, no matter how many gurus try to define it, it remains a subjective action. In other words, it means something different to each person. In fact, I prefer to call it self-development instead of self-improvement. This is primarily because the latter implies that something may be wrong and needs improving. Development is a term that is more of a willful creative process that brings some reward or sense of accomplishment. Again, though the definition of development is for each woman to decide, here are several considerations to develop yourself for a more fulfilling life.

Develop Yourself For A More Fulfilling Life #1: Create the Life You Desire

Developing or creating the life you want takes time, definition, and perseverance. This action can sometimes feel like building a sand castle with the sea and other obstacles coming at you. Have you ever wondered why it’s so hard to change things? I know I have. I’ve also realized that it’s usually more about what I’m willing to do to change than the difficulty of the steps themselves. I find things get easier when I define what it is I want and how I plan to move toward it.

Self-Development Action Step

Read/Research:  Reading about and researching new information about a topic you’re interested in is a perfect way to grow and develop as a person. Even if you aren’t a fast reader, you can work your way through text fairly quickly if you know there is a benefit for doing so. For example, learning a new language might help you earn more on your job.

This small action can create positive change in your life, no matter how small. Your confidence will improve, and momentum will carry you onward. If you are going for greater skill-development, consider going back to school. Get that civil engineering technology degree you always wanted. Get your teaching degree or learn how to write books. Whatever it is, make it fun and something that has a reward.

Develop Yourself For A More Fulfilling Life #2: Be Someone You Would Be Friends With

If you often wonder what developing yourself really means, consider whom you love to be around and why. What traits do these people have that make them valuable to you? Do you possess these traits? If not, don’t worry, you can work on that. That is what self-development is all about. Also, think about what things are pleasurable to you. Do you enjoy the person you are while doing them? I ask this because sometimes we do things that bring us a reward or pleasure but not fulfillment in the long run. An example of this would be, working at a well-paying job that doesn’t make you feel good about yourself.

Self-Development Action Step

Ask Yourself This: “If I met me, as I am right now, would I think I was cool and inspirational, or would I hate myself?” Try to avoid doing things that make you hate yourself.

Develop Yourself For A More Fulfilling Life #3: Restore Your Sense of Wonder

It’s easy to become jaded, apathetic and hopeless in today’s world. Life can be a dizzying roller coaster ride that we didn’t sign up for. The “bad” often overshadows the “good” in a simple quest to survive. What can we do to have fun and restore our childlike wonder? Of course, this is also one of those “subjective” things that each of us has to discover. I do recommend starting at the beginning though. Think about you as a kid. You never had to really think about having fun. It simply happened because you allowed it to.

 Self-Development Action Step

Schedule Fun: There is nothing more awe-inspiring than having the time of your life. So, if this is so incredible, why don’t we do it more often? Well, consider all those other things that we mark as “important”. They take precedence over fun because we let them. I recommend putting some downtime and fun events on the calendar on a regular basis. Even if you don’t do it all, you might just do enough to make your life more fulfilling.


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