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3 Ways To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone As A Businesswoman

It’s rare that any business owner possesses a thorough ability to perform all tasks required to run the business. Not to mention, to perform these things without any flaws or weaknesses whatsoever. After all, people tend to be good at some things, and they stick to them. Though there is nothing wrong with this, it can keep you locked into a comfort zone.

It’s true that when developing a business, it likely will become necessary to do jobs that you aren’t so good at. This means that, at some point, you’re going to have to operate outside of your comfort zone. Yeah, this is terrifying but can lead to real growth. That said, it’s worth keeping a few maxims in mind so you don’t allow limited skill, insight, or experience to denigrate your business before it gets going. In this post, we will discuss ways to get out of your comfort zone as a businesswoman.

Engage in Public Speaking & Presentations

Doing public speaking engagements and presentations can be somewhat nerve-wracking if you’ve not done them much. In fact, some biz owners would much rather pass that buck onto someone else. However, as a business owner, becoming comfortable talking about and selling your products can be a tremendously useful skill that can take your business to new heights. Consider taking public speaking lessons that will help you to pitch your product or service with brevity. Increasing interpersonal skills such as proper eye contact will also help you to sell smartly and without force. After all, you do want to be a solid ambassador for your company in person and in marketing material.

Getting Comfortable with Discipline

Getting comfortable with discipline for reaching personal and business goals can fuel greater success more quickly. This doesn’t mean holding yourself to a certain standard solely but also your team. Too often new business owners can feel somewhat overfriendly with their new hires because they don’t want to seem mean or unfair. But now and again, you need to remind your staff that you’re the boss, be that in speaking directly, or even correcting them if issues take place. Do remember that disciplining yourself is best done over a period of time. Try not to go too crazy changing everything all at once.

Take a Healthy Interest in Money Matters

It’s good to take a healthy interest in the money side of your business. Understanding how your accounts are handled is a perfect way to feel more confident about the future of your business. Even if you have to hire an outside accounting firm like Xperion to guide you through the process, it’s worth it. It will also help you understand your responsibilities when it comes to tax season, which is essential for any business owner/manager to learn lest they get audited due to repeated mistakes or faulty reporting. Going out of your comfort zone as a business owner can help you learn new skills and even expand your professional network.



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