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3 Website Mistakes That Hurt Your Business

Business women normally care about body language and their appearance, but, unfortunately, those sharp-dressed ladies might be turning potential clients and customers off with their websites. The appearance and functionality of your website say a lot more about your business than how you look. In fact, many new entrepreneurs are oblivious to how to efficiently attract and keep business with their web presence. Are you guilty of these 3 website mistakes that hurt your business? 

Website Mistakes That Hurt Your Business #1: It’s Difficult to Find

If your website doesn’t rank effectively in the search results, your chances of capturing a new customer are significantly less.  One of the main reasons it doesn’t appear on the first page for local searches is because the search engines didn’t understand your services and weren’t able to rank you appropriately. As www.ignitedigital.com, an SEO agency would tell you, poor ranking results are the product of a website that provides weak content and that doesn’t facilitate crawlers’ access. In simple words, it means that your business has not been able to provide a clear description of its services or products for search engines and users.

Understand, however, that poor rankings don’t mean that your business sucks or that you don’t deserve the business. It just means you have some work to do to get seen by your potential customers. Chances are that, if you aren’t drawing new business in from the web, you likely could use some help. I recommend contacting an SEO specialist to assist you with reworking some things.

Website Mistakes That Hurt Your Business #2: Difficult to Navigate

I know you’ve been on those sites that feel like a maze from the first second you land. It’s frustrating and you run to the exit. I can’t possibly list all of the navigation mistakes here, but www.speckyboy.com shares some common ones that wreak havoc on your business. From providing too many options to keeping your menu links too long, these wrongs never change into a positive. In fact, for visitors who struggle with your web navigation, it could be a sign that your business is disorganized as well. 

Website Mistakes That Hurt Your Business #3: Lack of Responsive Design

Unfortunately, there are still companies that have not upgraded their website to be responsive on all devices. Boy is this one annoying! I hate it when I want to read an article on my phone and find it impossible. With over 75% of shoppers using a smartphone as their main device, it’s a costly mistake. More importantly, it’s a mistake that indicates you could be running an outdated business. Trust me, they won’t press on to shop or hire you.

Addressing these common mistakes will help you get your share of new business from the web. Set your focus on creating clear content, easy navigation, and a modern, responsive display. And, remember, get help if you need it. Ultimately, people want to see evidence that you know what you’re doing. There is a world of savvy internet users out there. Give them what they need and want from your website, and they just might be your new clients or customers.

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