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3 Workplace Myths That May Be Hurting Your Productivity

The common workplace is inundated by dozens of horror stories, myths and rules. From bosszillas to unfair treatment, from multitasking and burn out to friendships, and even office romances, the office experience  is almost like an epic battle tale or scandalous soap opera. A place that some people cringe a little when they think about it, wondering which stories they will dare to share with their grandkids. It all makes you wonder if the typical office “laws” and expectations are fair and do they really make you work more efficiently? The fact is, some of the “you must do this or this will happen” rules are not always beneficial and should be considered by every woman who works outside of the home. Here are a few office myths that may be hindering your productivity.

  • tablet-600649_640Myth #1: You’re More Productive When At The Office

For the modern worker, commuting to the office is usually unavoidable. Many employers think that by housing all their staff in one productive place, they’re getting the best out of them. This is, in fact, a myth, and there are many reasons why the office environment will ground productivity to a halt.

First, there are just so many distractions. Printers printing, people talking, your boss yelling… it makes for a less than pleasant atmosphere. If you’re an employer, you should consider letting your staff work from home on one or two days a week. Breaking up the schedule like this will make the office feel a lot more fresh and uplifting and less like a prison or institution.

Most jobs nowadays are compatible with telecommuting, and more and more people are heading down this avenue. It allows staff to work in their own environment, letting them relax and work with no distractions. Time off work helps people thrive, and working from home acts as a pseudo-holiday for them.

  • clerk-18915_640Myth #2: You Can Do Everything At Once!

Many people will take on more than they can handle, in order to boost productivity. Well, I’m here to tell you that the precise opposite will occur. The myth of multitasking is a well-documented one, and it’s about time that employers and colleagues stopped asking for so much.

By default, the human brain is not programmed to be proficient with multiple tasks. You can’t fight science. Rather than attempting a lot of things, and doing them poorly, why not do one thing completely and to the best of your ability. You only have so much attention, so don’t divide it to a ridiculous degree.

  • startup-849805_640Myth #3: You’re Not At Work To Make Friends

As I previously mentioned, the workplace can feel like a prison at times. This feeling isn’t helped by the fact that certain employees, and your boss, frown upon jovial friendships in the workplace. However, even those who are trapped in prison know the benefits of camaraderie. Why should your workplace be any different?

Studies have shown a link between productivity and friendships, and it’s an important factor in any career. There’s a saying that goes “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know,” and you can only truly know someone by building a friendship with them. The more comfortable you feel at work, the more likely you are to work hard! These friendships may even play a role in creating better morale and company culture.

These are just a few of the workplace myths that can really put a damper on the over all work experience. It is a good idea to be respectful of your company rules and policies, however. Here’s what you can do: Consider what type of work environment suits your personality and skills first before you make any commitments. And, if you feel that your current workplace is not fulfilling your needs, talk to your supervisors about your concerns. If that doesn’t get things moving in the right direction, it may be time to move on.  

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