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4 Action Steps To Change Careers

Many women don’t realize where their passions are or what their best skills are until they are well into a career. Unfortunately, this can create disappointment and dissatisfaction with their present work situation. Furthermore, it’s not always easy or wise to change jobs or careers after you are established and making a quality income. I do believe, however, there are some action steps to change careers that will help you make a smooth transition. Here are my top four.

Action Steps To Change Careers #1: Consider Who You Are

Knowing yourself and your passions is a huge step in choosing the work that suits you and your personality.  Though you may do your present job extremely well, it doesn’t mean it makes you happy or fulfills that inner peace and joy you long for.

For this step, you may need to take a trip down memory lane to think about what things you loved to do before you had to make money and support yourself and a family. Did you love working with animals or spending time outdoors? Did you always win the math contests in high school or college? Do you follow the stock market and the forex news trading information? All of these things, whether hobbies or simple interests, are a part of who you are. They may serve you in a full-time career as well as bring joy to your life.

Action Steps To Change Careers #2: Change Your Resume

If you desire to change your career path, it’s imperative to make some changes to your resume. You got the job you have now because of your experience and skills listed on your present resume and that which you revealed in the interview process.

Moving into a different career path will require some different skills to come to the forefront in order to get attention. It’s important to match your resume as closely as possible to the job requirements listed for any given job. Most companies use digital applications that look for highly qualified candidates and weed out the rest. So if your resume isn’t up to par, you won’t even be considered. 

 Action Steps To Change Careers #3: Do Research and Practice Interviewing

Shifting into a different career may require you to do some extensive research. Even though you may possess the backbone of the skills required, you will need some specific information to feel confident in an interview. I recommend researching the company first and then checking out the industry standards and history. It pays to understand as much as possible about how a business operates and what their market looks like.

Also be prepared with some quality answers to questions like, “Why are you moving into this industry?” or “Why do you think you can do this job?” Employers need to know that you are worth the risk and are trainable. It is also your First impressions, standards, and personality that will make an impact during an interview. Practice what you want to say in the mirror or in front of friends and family before the big day.

Action Steps To Change Careers #4: Exude Confidence

Finally, before you move forward, build up your confidence in yourself personally and professionally. Your confidence and passion speak volumes to potential employers. After all, their present staff may not have that spark for the job as you do, similarly to how you feel about your present job. Do also understand that you may have to take a cut in pay and a lower position to break into another career. However, if it’s what you truly desire in your heart, it may be worth the sacrifice. No matter what you do, have confidence that you will make your mark and progress in your new career as you did in your last.

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