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3 Useful Ways to Use Coconut Oil This Summer

Coconut oil is an extremely useful in the kitchen as well as for health and beauty. In fact, some people believe it can help with just about everything. I have been using it for years for cooking, cleaning, skin moisturizer, as a personal lubricant, and even a hair tonic. Though you can find this wonder oil just about anywhere, I recommend doing some research to find the best quality products. It can be used all year long, but here are 3 ways to use coconut oil this summer.

Ways to Use Coconut Oil This Summer #1: Sunburn Aid

Coconut oil is the perfect go-to moisturizer after you’ve been in the sun, especially if you’ve cooked a little too long. Find a full article about using it for sunburn here at Presscave.com. Be careful to only do this after sun exposure because applying any oil to your skin before sunbathing can accelerate the sun’s effects.

Ways to Use Coconut Oil This Summer #2: Weight Management

Another popular use of coconut oil is to eat it as a weight loss aid. The quality fat helps you to feel full faster and longer. This is often combined with a lower carb, higher protein diet. The reason why coconut oil is considered useful for dieting is that it has a high medium chain triglyceride content, which is a useful type of fat for the body to burn as fuel. Start with small amounts and increase as your body gets used to the extra fat. I like to incorporate in with recipes and smoothies or even my daily coffee. It makes everything taste better in my opinion.

Ways to Use Coconut Oil This Summer #3: Hair Repair

A third great use of coconut oil in the summer is to apply it to your hair as a deep conditioner.  Your hair can dry out from sun exposure and chemicals from pools, hot tubs, and even salt water. It’s important to replenish it with nourishing moisture regularly in the summer. Because coconut oil is all natural, you can be confident that you’re not putting additional chemicals in your hair. I like to apply it before bed and let it soak in overnight before washing it out in the morning. Keep in mind, it may take a few rounds of shampoo to get it all out.

These are just three tried and tested to use coconut oil for health and beauty. You can find plenty of other great uses for it online. As I have, I believe you will fall in love with its versatility and usefulness. I actually have a jar of it in about every room of my house…and a mini in my purse!

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