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4 Charitable Fundraising Ideas For Your Business

It’s important for many businesses to give to charitable organizations. This is not only for tax deductions but to genuinely help the causes they believe in. And, while it is nice to have a constant stream of donations directly from your company, you may not have the extra income consistently. In this case, fundraisers are an excellent way to raise money and awareness for your charity.

So, how can your business provide consistent donations to the charity of your choice? If you want to get stuck in with charity and gain some exposure in the meantime, I recommend considering the following fundraising ideas for your business.

Fundraising Ideas #1: Monthly Bake Sale

Bake sales are popular for a good reason: customers get something for their money, so participating becomes a no-brainer. Simply having everyone on your staff bake something once a month and offer it for sale in the office could bring a small amount to give to a charity. However, to really do it on a larger scale, how about recruiting other businesses in your area or sponsoring a school sale to help with volume.

Fundraising Ideas #2: Store Sales and Specials

Consider offering a long term discount on certain products in return for a donation to charity. If you choose a subscription or item that is consumable, you will naturally get repeat sales and more money to donate to your charity. This type of thing really helps your business develop a reputation for giving and caring as well.

Fundraising Ideas #3: Brick Fundraisers

Not many people have heard of these, but they’re an excellent way to raise money and give recognition to donors. Companies like Brick Markers make this easy. Supporters are asked to sponsor or buy a brick to go toward a charitable building project. For example, if you want to build a shelter, they’d sponsor a brick and have their name and brand engraved on it to show their support. It also makes the building more interesting and leaves a legacy for donors.

Fundraising Ideas #4: Network with Local Churches

If you are looking for a way to raise money for a charity, network with your local church organizations. You don’t have to be religious to appreciate that churches do what they can to help. You can get involved and get their ideas about helping those in need. Most churches have ample experience in charity work, and they’ll be an invaluable guide to doing things legally and efficiently.

Raising money as a business will not only give you a chance for excellent PR, it enables you to give back. As a successful company, you will be able to add to the success of others. All it takes is willing participants and a great idea to get you started!


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