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4 Hacks To Higher Self-Confidence

If you’re trying to meet goals and shoot for the stars as far as happiness goes, cultivating higher self-confidence could be your ticket. Self-confidence affects your mental and physical well-being in many ways and can be the driving force behind success in many areas of life. One way to know if your self-confidence is stuck in the bog is to see how you feel when others give you compliments. Do you cringe a little and try to divert them or do you graciously accept them? Not being able to see your gifts and unique value can actually create negative energy and prevent ultimate fulfillment.

But wait a minute…

Know that just because you want to have self-confidence doesn’t mean you will automatically feel it and apply it to your life. Just like anything thing else in life worth having, it takes time and effort to build it. Here are a few hacks that I have found helpful to boost how I feel about myself.

Develop a Philosophy of Gratitude and Positive Thinking

General mindset and how you react to thoughts have a massive impact on the way you feel, behave, and what you ultimately believe about yourself and the world. This is something that is influenced by many factors throughout life, such as childhood, education, life events (positive and negative), and our relationships.

If you are stuck in a mindset that doesn’t serve you, there are some things you can do to change it. One of the most effective things I’ve ever done is to be grateful for everything. Yes, even the things that aren’t comfortable or pleasant. This literally transforms your life. In addition, try to think about the things you like about yourself and are proud of. The more you teach your mind to swap negativity for positivity, the happier and more confident you will feel.

Don’t Be a People Pleaser

Learning how to say ‘No’ to people is a great way to boost your self-confidence. This is primarily because when you are able to cultivate healthful boundaries for your time and energy, you soon see just how important you and your needs are. Always putting others’ needs first has a way of putting YOU at the bottom. Guess what? This is the definition of low self-esteem and confidence. This is especially true if you do things for others all the time because you think they won’t love or respect you otherwise. Think about it. If you actually consider yourself as valuable and worth loving, why would you ever drive yourself into the ground trying to earn the approval of others?

Work On Health and Fitness

I know that when I am purposefully working on my health and fitness, I look better and feel more confident about myself. The key is to work on yourself for YOU and not other people. As soon as you meet small goals, you realize that you are worth spending time, energy, and money on. It’s important to create a health plan that works for who you are right now. Otherwise, it will be more difficult to stick to. Focus on what you can do and not what you can’t.

Fix the Things You Can

Everyone has something they would like to change or improve about themselves. Perhaps, simply buying some new clothes would give you the boost you need to be more outgoing or go for that promotion. The point is that if there are things you can do to feel better about yourself, why not do them?

Maybe you have been feeling insecure about your crooked front tooth for a long time and find it hard to smile.  Though dentistry can be expensive, it might be time to contact a dentist to see what it would take to get a new smile. Again, do these things for yourself and not because you think others want you to.


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Madeline is a mid-west mom of three who spends most of her time refilling ice trays and changing toilet paper...just kidding. She is a high school guidance counselor, all around funny gal, and a writer. Her first book, Be Happy Already!", is in the works.

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