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4 Keys To Cultivating Greater Health

It’s no secret that there are many ways to live in this world. And this fact is not better exemplified than in how many different paths there are to being healthy. That said, I tend to believe that health is much more simple than most for-profit companies want us to think. This looks like a plethora of products and information that they want us to desperately cling to. The interesting thing is that there are countless people who have lived extraordinarily long and healthy lives without utilizing and of these supposed essential contemporary methods. With so much information and misinformation out there, I believe the focus needs to, instead, be simple and duplicatable. Here are a few keys that I’ve picked up on my journey to greater health.

Establish Simple Routines 

Our life is built with a series of choices about how to spend our time. Some of these “choices” can benefit us and some can literally sabotage at the core. If you had the opportunity to interview the most healthy and successful individuals on the planet, you would likely find some commonality in their lives. I believe one of these would be in their daily routines.

Simplistic and positive practices done religiously every day are the backbone of accomplishing anything. For example, consider how regular exercise or even scheduled visits to healthcare practitioners can contribute to health.  And, think about something as commonplace as brushing our teeth twice a day help prevent problems. The North Mesquite Dental Group even quotes an old saying right on their website “Prevention is better than a cure.” I believe that with my whole heart and is precisely the point.

These and other simple routines (or choices) are pivotal to keeping us balanced and on track to our health goals. If we want greater health, one of the best approaches is to cultivate it around doable and effective routines. In many ways, we all do this almost without thought. Having a morning green smoothie, grabbing a few minutes of quiet time during the day, and winding down after work are all simple examples of routines that shape our lives and health for the better. 

Listen To Your Body and Intuition


We live in an age where we look for quick fixes and instant cures for nearly everything. The truth is there is no magic pill or even methods to instantly cure disease or bring us greater health. It’s a process that takes time and consistent effort that isn’t always comfortable. In order to understand this on a deeper level, we must listen to our bodies and hear the intuitive cries for help and resolution of disease. In other words, trust your instincts, and always do your homework. Just because some company or even doctor says one method for gaining health is better, doesn’t mean that it’s right for every individual. Remember, we are all different. 

Realize the Power of the Mind

Currently, much of the world’s population is focused on getting richer, stronger, and more powerful. Unfortunately, this is happening at the expense of our health. We can only hope that the epidemic of modern stress will be resolved in the near future. One realization that will need to happen is that our minds are infinitely important to our health as individuals and a species. In order for us to elevate our state of health, we will need to put more emphasis on mental health and clarity of thought going forward. This will start with each one of us working on our own mental health.

Focus on Personal Growth

When it comes to striving for greater health, your personal growth in several areas will play a huge role in meeting your goals. Consider working on things like resolving past trauma and forgiving people that have hurt you. These processes will help your entire being rebalance and find what is called homeostasis. I have personally experienced how much trapped emotions and trauma can affect physical health. Much of this is done with practicing being calm and relaxed with prayer, mediation, or other methods that work for you. Consider working with a professional if you feel stuck or can’t move past certain events or problems.

In conclusion, obtaining greater health doesn’t need to be complex and overwhelming. Though, I do understand that the process can feel daunting, especially if you are not used to working on yourself in this way. I am the type of woman who does make things harder than they have to be, so I’m shooting straight with you. Try to keep things as simple as you can and take the necessary steps to understand yourself. Focus on that beautiful woman that you are, and do the work. Be Well, my friends.


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