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4 Important Non-Monetary Reasons To Start A Business

When we consider business, in general, there is an empirical understanding that making money is a foundational platform. There has to be more money left at the end of the month than needed, otherwise, there really isn’t a viable business. So, yes, money is important! That said, there are other extremely important reasons women start businesses. My viewpoint is to make money doing what you love and serve mankind in some way. Let’s take a quick look at some non-monetary reasons to start a business.

To Serve and Help Others

Starting a business can be a selfless pursuit, as you might want to serve the needs of others. However, helping your community or others doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to make a profit. On the contrary, if you’re doing well, you have more resources with which to help in a greater capacity. With a serving type of business, it’s important to know the true worth of your products and services. You can always use a sliding scale for those who have lower incomes if you feel the need to.

There are so many types of “helping” companies out there. You could start a microgreens business or take care of elderly in their homes. And, what about tutoring children or life coaching? You might start a childcare business that not only gives quality care to children but helps working moms. Consider finding a need and filling as a catalyst for a successful, fulfilling business that serves society.

More Time with Your Hobby

Many women bemoan the fact that weekends are too short and workweeks drag. And, hobbies are certainly not at the top of the “to-do” list. After years of this type of pressure, starting a business that allows you to make money with your hobby might sound amazing. For example, you could start your own cake or catering business if you enjoy baking and cooking. Think about what you enjoy doing the most and do a search for possible business ideas.  Here is an interesting article about turning a hobby into a business for more advice.

To Leave a Legacy to Your Family

Thinking about your children and grandchildren, you could start a business that will pass down to them. Of course, they might want to pursue their own passions, but you would, at least, have the option. Additionally, children who help in family businesses are often more ready for independent living and working on their own. This could be because they are exposed to money exchange, customers, inventory, systems, and taking responsibility at an early age. Even an online business can offer your kids an opportunity to learn skills beyond the norm.

You Are Bored and Unfulfilled

If you’re a stay-at-home mom, retired, or if your current job stresses you out, consider starting a small business to bring joy and a little adventure to your life. If you have an idea, time, and the drive to work at it, a business could change your life dramatically.

Do, however, make sure your boredom or stress isn’t just a passing phase or something you can solve in another way. Starting a business isn’t a game or something you can work in one day and not the next. It’s a commitment that takes your full attention and dedication to succeed. And, there is stress with any type of business.

I recommend fully knowing what you’re getting into before making any decisions to quit a job or start a business. It can be a fabulous, fulfilling experience to have a business all your own, no matter what your initial reason for starting it, but it can also become a nightmare. Know your “Big Why” for making any huge change in your life like starting a business. Good luck and always be YOU!



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