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4 Smart Ways To Manage Business Communication

Communication is at the heart of everything that we do in life, and that is no less true when it comes to business. If you’re not engaging with customers, clients, employees, vendors, and investors, things won’t run smoothly and succeed optimally. Good communication is something that can take years for us to master, however, there are some things you can do now to make improvements. I recommend doing a check of all forms of communication in your business to see where things might be amiss. Focus on strengthening your systems and people with steps that are doable and efficient. Here are a few ways to get started. 

Know and Use Social Media

We all know that social media plays a massive part in communication and social connectivity these days. With nearly a third of the population of the planet having a Facebook account, there has never been a larger mode of mass connection in history. Though there are some negative attributes to this type of communication, it does have it’s positive benefits for some types of businesses. I recommend using social media to connect with potential customers and those who are important to the operation of your business.

With the ever-connectedness of social media comes the need to be present to engage with customers who want to get in touch via their preferred site. This means having representation on all major social media sites.

Use the Basics to the Fullest

Email and SMS are still viable and efficient modes of communication, especially for more pressing engagements or functions. Email and SMS are solid, legal records of communication that you can keep track of more easily than social media posts and comments. It’s important to keep your business communication organized and fully accessible. You might even consider using a multi-channel messaging tool to get the best out of your interactions. 

Utilize Chatbots And AI

Artificial intelligence is one of the most significant growth areas in business communication at the moment. Getting an intuitive AI chatbot is a way of increasing your response time, signposting your customers to basic solutions, as well as managing expectations. 

Often, customers can become anxious when waiting to connect with a business. Having a long response time can break trust and confidence that you are a quality business. Having an automated response service lessens their wait and will keep them engaged. 

Measure Performance

Having systems in place that promote a great customer experience is only part of the job. The next stage is managing the communication flow. I recommend creating specific, measurable targets that allow your team to understand the impact their work has on the business. Think about ways to make the targets as meaningful as possible, while managing the performance of several factors. 

Response time is fundamentally significant. The time it takes to engage with a customer in the first instance should be minimal. Having the right amount of staff to meet the demands of the business is critical here. Ticket resolution time is another crucial area that should be monitored. Employ an audit process that checks the staff training and efficiency. Lastly, consider using a service such as Feefo to collate customer feedback. This will be a real test of how effective your communication has been.


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