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4 Kick Ass Tips To Get Ahead As A Modern Businesswoman

As a branding expert, I see all sorts of women in business. I see their good qualities, and I also see their hesitations and what holds them back.There are some things we can do to get noticed and take our stand in business and on that ladder of success. Though, these tips are pretty basic, you’d be surprised how many women don’t do the simple things they can to move ahead in their jobs and businesses.


People get judged by how they look because it is the first thing we notice about a person. This is even more true when we are doing business with someone. And, men seem to get more chances to show off their entire personality, whereas, women often get judged and labeled by their looks alone. Remember to bring your A-game the first time when you need to make a superior impression. Job interviews, consultations with potential clients, meetings, etc. are all times that your best appearance is imperative. The key is to dress confidently, but not too revealing. Of course, cleavage and legs shouldn’t intimidate anyone, but they do, and we want to be taken seriously at the end of the day. Ultimately, you should wear what makes you feel empowered and what is appropriate for the situation and place. Choose your best colors and styles so you shine with self-confidence and natural beauty. Don’t underestimate the power of a well-fitting suit and a pulled together look.


First meetings are your chance to be you, to show who you are to those who are putting you under a microscope. Relax and be yourself. Choose kindness, intelligence, and wit when you meet new people. Don’t be afraid to let them see what you’re made of. By using your charm to your advantage, others will see that you are a quality person first and will be more likely to take you seriously in business. Always be prepared with interesting questions and stories that show off your unique personality. 


Perspective employers and clients love creative people. If you get the chance to show your innovative ideas and creativity, do so as soon as possible. Creativity is money to these corporations and prospective clients. Keep up with the latest trends in your industry, so you can provide your employers and clients with the most effective and creative ideas. For example, if you currently work in the corporate world, you know that business apps are essential. One simple app builder suggestion to your employers, and you just might land that raise and promotion. Be proactive by doing your research and bringing the best to the table.

Public Speaking

Being able to address and engage an audience of people is a skill that many people shy away from for obvious reasons: it’s freaking scary! I get it, but you will do yourself a huge favor if you face this fear and cultivate the ability to speak in public. This skill gives you credibility and makes you much more marketable in any business, including your own. You are seen as a leader in your industry simply because you are up there doing what most can’t or don’t want to. Let you leader shine as you can. Practice speaking by making short videos or in the mirror until you feel ready to get out in front. Remember, you won’t be perfect at first, and that’s OK. You will improve the more you do it. For more info, check out a previous post about Lisa Evans and public speaking.

The bottom line is this: focus on being you…all of you. If you are shy and don’t feel confident about something, educate yourself about that thing until you gain the knowledge and skill you need. Moving forward in business is a process that takes time and perseverance. You will also do yourself a service to pursue what you love and are passionate about. Being successful in business shouldn’t be a pain or something you dread. Practicing these four things may not be all that you need to succeed, but they will help bring confidence and a new level of credibility to you as a businesswoman, whether you work for someone else or yourself.



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