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4 Major Ways To Feel Young Beyond 50

If you want to feel young beyond 50, it’s imperative to take care of yourself now, even if you’re delightfully nowhere near that number. All it takes is some determination to keep up a healthy lifestyle and stay mentally alert every day of your life. One reason many women lose their energy and wellness at this age is that they neglect their health early on. Other factors like menopause and shifting life circumstances can add negative symptoms as well. I am one year beyond 5o and understand exactly what things make me feel young and what things don’t. Here are my top 4!

Feel Young Beyond 50 #1: Eat the Best Food You Can Afford

We’ve all heard that eating well is an important thing for ongoing health. Well, it’s true! And the earlier you can start giving your body quality, healthful food, the better you will feel later in life. Strive for a balanced and consistent diet that makes you feel energetic and keeps you at your target weight. 

I understand that money is a concern for many families where eating healthy is concerned. And, yes, some organic and higher quality meats and produce are more expensive. However, if you look at the standard American diet compared to a healthier version, you will find that it is actually more costly. The primary goal, of course, is to make the best food choices you can.

Feel Young Beyond 50 #2: Stay Active

Eating well fuels your body to heal, operate, and move. Staying active keeps your body and mind in good working condition. It also keeps you looking and feeling young. Choose activities that fit your abilities and lifestyle. And make sure you love them. You are way more likely to stay consistent with fitness if you look forward to it. Additionally, find a workout buddy or join a class so it becomes a mode of social bonding as well. 

Feel Young Beyond 50 #3: Get Regular Checkups

Medical issues, even if they’re minor ones, can become more frequent as you get older. It is for this reason that it’s important to keep up with your annual checkups and screenings. If there are any problems, you and your doctor can deal with them before they become worse. There are also things you need to understand about the aging female body. Hormones change and, with that, comes other physical and emotional shifts. Having this knowledge helps you to feel secure that these things are normal.

If you do find yourself in a medical crisis or with a diagnosis, make sure to take care of yourself. That means listening to quality advice from your healthcare providers. If they want you to get medical care at home or be hospitalized, do what you have to do to get well. Though it may be a pain to go through, facing illness head-on will help you feel in control of your health long term

Feel Young Beyond 50 #4: Stay Mentally Healthy

It’s so important to assess your mental state as frequently as possible to make sure there are no problems. After all, our minds keep us motivated and control what we choose to do. A failing mental state can create a depression or other cognitive issues that hinder happiness and normal activities.

The key to keeping your mind strong is to live an active and full a life. Challenge your mind every day by reading, doing new things, and socializing. I also recommend some form of quiet time like meditation or prayer. This is a huge part of feeling young as you age. Having a positive mental state promotes excitement and motivation to live fully. It’s hard to feel old with this kind of outlook on life!

**** This post is strictly informational and is not meant to replace the advice of your health care provider. Women’s lifelink, it’s owners, administrators, contributors, affiliates, vendors, authors and editors do not claim that this information will diagnose, treat, or improve any condition or disease.

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