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4 Popular Classic Business Cards To Consider This Year

Whether you are a one-woman-band or you run a big business, there is no denying the fact that you must consider all of your advertising options as carefully as possible. Business cards have long been one of the most popular marketing methods, and there are no signs of this changing. Nevertheless, in order to reap all of the benefits of a quality business card, you do need to choose with care. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular types of business cards right now.

Spot Color (Pantone) Business Cards

Spot Color (Pantone) Business Cards are one of the premium products with regard to printed business cards. If you want maximum quality and optimum visual appeal, this is a quality option for you.

So, what is spot color? This is essentially a Pantone Matching System that is used by leading printers and graphic artists. It is the best way to produce color accuracy, ensuring not only a reliable service but that your exact colors can easily be reproduced for future orders.

Consider Laminated Cards

Spot Color (Pantone) Gloss Laminated Business Cards offer all of the benefits of the fantastic Pantone Matching System, combined with the luxuriousness and upmarket feel of a gloss finish. There is no way these business cards will struggle to catch the eye! You can also think about using a unique shape or size of a business card before nailing down information and graphics.

Double-Sided Uncoated Business Cards

Double-Sided Uncoated Business Cards are a smart choice for anyone who wishes to incorporate a considerable amount of information on their card. The double-sided nature of the card is not the only attribute that makes it suitable for a greater amount of text. The fact that the card is uncoated also helps, as it makes it easy to read in any type of light. You don’t have to worry about glare spoiling visibility, as can happen with coated products. 

Single-Sided Gloss Laminated Business Cards

Advertise your business the right way with stunning Single Sided Gloss Laminated Cards. These cards boast a luxurious and upmarket finish, which is guaranteed to impress. The coating also helps to intensify the vibrancy of the colors. Nonetheless, it’s not all about visual appeal, as this is one of the most practical options as well. Single-Sided Gloss Laminated Cards are resistant to the impact of moisture, wear, and dirt. 

Before you choose any business card, do your homework by researching customer reviews. Though you may choose to go with an online company, seeing cards in person might help you make a decision. Visit a local printer to see options for paper, ink, and styles. The sky is the limit when designing business cards, but these are some classic, popular types on the market today. 


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