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4 Powerhouse Changes For A Healthier You

Let’s face it, change is challenging and maintaining it even harder. We see this all too well where our health and lifestyle is concerned. There’s always something we could do better to obtain greater health, but it can feel impossible at times. One thing I’ve learned is to allow myself to change gradually and reward myself along the way to my goals. I’ve also learned there are certain things that make a huge impact on my life nearly immediately. The following 4 things are my powerhouse changes for a healthier you.

Powerhouse Changes for a Healthier You #1: Eat Well and Find Your Ideal Weight

Losing weight isn’t the be all and end all when it comes to a healthier lifestyle, but a change in diet can often impact your body in this way. Also, consider how much better your body systems function when they get the nutrients they need. Furthermore, the sooner you adopt a balanced diet, you can begin to feel and look better quickly. This is especially true if you’ve really been overindulging in sugar, fried foods, and alcohol.

Most of us know that changing your diet can be one of the most challenging things you will ever do. This is due to the fact we hang onto that which comforts us and is familiar. Giving up those “comfort” foods can be painful and create stress. This is in spite of knowing that losing weight and eating better will benefit our health. I recommend putting together a plan or using tools like Noom, a weight loss app, to help you stay on track. Know that even losing 5% of your body weight, if needed, can bring a better state of health.

Powerhouse Changes for a Healthier You #2: Be More Active

This is one of those things that doesn’t have to be overdone or competitive. I have to watch myself in this area because I always want to do too much. This often backfires and leaves me too sore or stressed to do anything for days. It’s important to take things slow if you’ve been sedentary for any length of time. Ease into fitness and movement as your body allows. That saying, “no pain, no gain,” yeah, not so good. Moving for health should not hurt. Choose activities that serve your lifestyle, age, and body.

Powerhouse Changes for a Healthier You #3: Drink More Water

Drinking enough water for your body weight is imperative for optimal health. It’s so important that if you can only do one thing to change your health, do this. Keeping your body hydrated is how you detox and sustain a critical balance to all body systems. Our blood, chemicals, muscles, organs, skin, and brain all decline rapidly when they don’t get an ample supply of water. I keep a large jug with me at all times so I am reminded to drink throughout the day.

Powerhouse Changes for a Healthier You #4: Work on Your Mindset

The connection between body and mind is so great that neither part can function well unless the other is in a balanced state. In other words, the mind suffers when the body does and it certainly works both ways. Our perspective about ourselves and life, in general, plays an important part in how motivated we are to change our lives for the better.

Making an effort to boost your confidence and attitude is one of the most powerful things you can do for your life and health. If you see yourself as healthy, vital, and youthful, the body actually follows suit and gives you what you believe. Think about what small ways you can elevate your self-image and outlook. Practice this daily so it becomes a habit.



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