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4 Pre-Workout Secrets For Optimal Results

When it comes to physical training, what you do before each session can make or break your results. Your body needs preparation and lots of energy before you put challenging demands on it. Additionally, it needs TLC after your training so it can recover properly. It seems that there is a lot of information out there about post-workout activities, but there isn’t as much about what to do pre-workout. Here are some pre-workout secrets for optimal results! If you’re putting in the effort and time, you might as well smash your training goals.

Pre-Workout Secrets for Optimal Results #1: Get Plenty of Sleep

Being well-rested is important for many reasons in general. However, if you’re engaged in frequent physical training, it’s even more imperative. Lack of proper rest can cause the adrenals to over fire, which releases cortisol. Too much cortisol actually stops you from losing fat and can stall your program. Not only that but having enough sleep before a run or a workout can help keep hunger at bay, as hormones can be more controlled. Your muscles need time to rest and recover as well.

Pre-Workout Secrets for Optimal Results #2: Hydrate

Hydrating fully is a must for pre-workout. Think about how much fluid you lose during your training. If you don’t have enough already present in your body, it will come from vital organs and soft tissue. You don’t want to steal precious water from the places that need it the most.  Dehydration during a workout can cause light-headedness and nausea, as your body is trying to keep you cool. Being properly hydrated helps you to maintain energy levels which means a better workout.

Pre-Workout Secrets for Optimal Results #3: Eat a Small Snack

Some people prefer to workout on an empty stomach first thing in the morning, and there is no research contrary to that. But if you feel like eating before working out, at whatever time of day, that’s OK, too. A little something (around 150 calories) can give you a burst of energy. Perhaps some almond butter on toast, for example. You can also take pre-workout supplements to make sure you sustain energy levels. Sites like SupplementRight can point you in the right direction for the best supplements.. You can get post-workout supplements as well, which help the body recover.

Pre-Workout Secrets for Optimal Results #4: Dynamic Warmup

One thing you should not do before you train is skip your workout. Warming up helps to slowly raise your body temperature and heart rate to get your body ready for exercise. Increasing your range of motion as part of your warmup helps to reduce your risk of injury. Which is where a dynamic warm up comes into play. Some great warm-up exercises include walking lunges and low jump squats, rather than simply standing there and stretching.

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