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4 Simple Ways To Care For Your Hearing

Do you find yourself turning up the volume on your television or radio so you can hear better? Or maybe you ask others to repeat themselves because you didn’t quite hear what they said. The auditory system is delicate and can be sensitive to things we often don’t consider. For example loud, repetitive sounds, putting things in your ears, and even swimming can affect our hearing. Furthermore, we can often take our hearing for granted when we have good ear health. It’s important to be aware of your hearing and any changes that happen. Do also consider keeping your ears healthy by caring for your hearing in these four ways.

Keep the Volume Down

One of the things that can end up impacting our hearing the most is loud noises, especially ones that are repetitive or ongoing. The mechanisms inside our ears are not designed to handle ongoing loud sounds. Sudden and short-term loud sounds like fireworks or other accidental noises are normally OK but, depending on the decibel level, they, too, can affect hearing. Though these effects are normally temporary, try to minimize all loud sounds when possible.

Don’t ignore the warnings on your headphones when you turn up the volume on your television, phone, or another device. This type of continual exposure could have an effect on your hearing over time. If you find yourself turning up the volume gradually, you may have already experienced damage to your ears. Keep the volume as low as you can on all devices, so your ears get used to having to accommodate the level of sound.

See Your Doctor

If you’re experiencing any type of ear problems such as hearing loss, pain, pressure, ringing, etc.,  it’s important to consult your doctor. Your provider can help you determine what the problem is and if you need any type of hearing correction or treatment. Remember, it’s best to face any issues early than to wait until they get worse.

Online Hearing is also a good resource to get information about hearing aids should you need one. Hearing aids have certainly changed over the years, so don’t disregard them as a solution to hearing loss.

Meditation and Yoga

It is believed that practices like meditation and yoga can be helpful in keeping our senses healthy. They do this by helping us become more aware of our bodies, thoughts, and beliefs. Our senses, including hearing, can be affected by stress and other imbalances. Having greater awareness of the body, better concentration, and focusing on the moment are all things that combat adverse emotions and fatigue. This can, in turn, help you have more awareness of sound and what’s around you when you have your eyes closed or you’re concentrating on the moves.

Focus on Sound

We all have the ability to train our bodies to do different things and increase skills.  One way to be more aware of your hearing is to purposefully practice using your sense of hearing as opposed to other senses. Close your eyes and rely completely on what you hear to guide you. This will obviously take practice but do it regularly to get better results.

Caring for your hearing is something that is always worth doing, especially as you get older. Being aware is the first thing that will help you decide if you are having any hearing loss or issues. Remember to not take your hearing for granted and do what you can daily to protect this precious gift.

**** This post is strictly informational and is not meant to replace the advice of your healthcare provider. Women’s lifelink, it’s owners, administrators, contributors, affiliates, vendors, authors, and editors do not claim that this information will diagnose, treat, or improve any condition or disease.


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