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increase body confidence

5 Ways To Increase Body Confidence

Body confidence is much easier to talk about than it is to possess, especially for some women. Furthermore, it’s not always easy to increase body confidence. We are all surrounded by negative messages about our looks, and constantly encouraged to make changes; get fitter, be skinnier, and spend loads of money to have glowing skin and get our hair shiny. The bombardment of body and appearance shaming is obviously out of control in our society.

With all of this muck to push through, loving ourselves and the way we look is one of the hardest challenges posed today. That said, it is one of the most rewarding things we can ever do for happiness and life fulfillment. There are many ways to improve your self-image, specifically body confidence. Some techniques are physical-based but do also carry psychological benefits. Today, we are going to touch on a few practical actions that can be easily integrated into your life and increase body confidence.

Wear Quality Clothing That Fits Well

I’m not expecting that everyone can just go out and buy a new wardrobe. However, I do recommend that you secure the best quality clothes that you can afford. If you have to, head to the thrift store to pick up some quality basics. Paired with some new things and the good things you already own should give you a start.

The second point, make sure that your clothes fit your body well. That means making sure they are not too tight or too loose. Also, consider your body type when buying clothes. Learn what styles and cuts work for your body and make you feel good about yourself.

Wearing nice clothes is a brilliant way to feel better about yourself, or better yet… beautiful! Many stores now offer advisors who can actually help you shop wisely. It also helps to take along a friend to give you a second opinion while at the stores. Once you have some nicer pieces that fit well, build on your wardrobe, making it more versatile. Doing this simple thing for yourself can skyrocket your body confidence within a short period of time.

Take Care of Your Body

increase body confidence

Eating healthy and exercising don’t always have to be about losing weight. Taking care of your body will improve your energy and help you feel stronger and supported throughout your life. There’s no better way to feel confident in your body than to know it’s healthy and energetic.

If you are struggling to find healthy foods and routines that work for you, consider talking to any nutritionist or wellness coach with an integrative approach, to help you balance your needs and your lifestyle.

You could also invest in some non-invasive skincare treatments to help revive your skin and increase body confidence. Check out what med spa treatments would benefit your skin the most, while also giving you some time to yourself to relax. Visiting sites like Emsculpt NYC can also give you information to make a good decision about doing work to improve your look and confidence level. Taking time to treat yourself can help rejuvenate your mental and emotional state, as well as help you to look your best.

Widen Your Media Influences

One of the worst influences on body confidence for women can be outside sources, such as magazines, TV, social media, and the stores themselves. If you are surrounded by images of stick-thin models and airbrushed pop stars, you will inevitably start to compare yourself in a negative way.

To counter this, make a conscious effort to filter what you are exposed to. Choose magazines, shows, and social media feeds with more realistic body types. There are some amazing lifestyle influencers on Instagram, of all shapes and sizes. Following these accounts will remind you that your body is one of these beautiful varieties worldwide.

Do a Photoshoot

It might seem extravagant, but why not book yourself a fashion photoshoot? I understand that you might feel awkward about being photographed. This is likely because you always manage to pick out your worst features in those photographs. Yeah, I do it, too! Furthermore, you forget that amateur photography can make almost anyone look terrible!

Find a welcoming professional photographer who works with fashion and boudoir shoots, and cut loose! They will help you feel sexy and confident, not to mention take gorgeous photos with the best framing and lighting. Seeing these photos can be a huge boost to your confidence and how you feel about your body.

Accept Yourself as Flawed but Beautiful

It is simultaneously the most challenging and simplest part of increasing your body confidence – learning to accept yourself for who you are. You can only be confident in your body if you accept it as it is without thinking that it must be changed. Of course, making yourself healthier and stronger isn’t what I’m talking about. It’s the constant feeling that you aren’t good enough and need to be something you are not to be accepted.

Remember, we are all flawed, have scars, stretch marks, moles, lumps and bumps, and parts that do not live up to the industry standard of beauty. So what! We are individual women who have lived, loved, had babies, and been through some shit. We aren’t going to be perfect. The power is in the unconditional love we can give ourselves no matter what we see in the mirror. This takes some practice and time, but it is doable.

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