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4 Social Media Tips For Startups

If you have recently launched a startup, chances are you are already utilizing social media for marketing in some aspects. You may flood your feed with content, posts, and links to your website in an effort to generate a following and market your brand globally. However, having a scattergun approach to your marketing without following a well-constructed plan could result in wasted time and money.

Instead, it’s important to formulate a digital marketing strategy with clear end goals. Things like increasing followers on Twitter or friends on Facebook, converting website hits to sales, and generating greater levels of traffic from overseas are the types of specific goals to focus on. That said, create your own set of goals and the tasks that will help you reach your potential. In the meantime, here are a few social media tips for startups.

Launch Facebook Pages and Groups

As you may already know, Facebook is among the most popular social media platforms, especially for those between the ages of 18 and 34. Here, millions of people log on every day to converse with friends, scroll through their feeds, and source potential businesses. If you haven’t yet introduced your new biz on Facebook, consider setting up your own business page or group. You can do this easily and naturally work it into your regular time on the site.

If you are concerned about how to promote your Facebook group, think about how you find products and services through your friends and contacts on social media. I have learned about countless quality businesses by simply being connected to others on Facebook. It’s about finding a balance between posting personal and business content. Additionally, being of service and help to others through quality content and tips goes a long way to gain new potential customers or clients.

Keep your pages and even personal page public if you feel comfortable doing so. That way you have a better chance of connecting with people outside of your circle. Do also make sure your page and group have a specific purpose and mission, so others know what they are joining or liking. All of these things will help you to get your business noticed amongst your peers.

Use Consistent Connection

As a new startup, being visible and heard are two staples that your business will need to survive and thrive. Remember, everything you post and how it presents will represent you and your brand. Consistency and cohesion is a must if you want to attract your ideal customers on social media. Of course, you will develop your own style of posting but consider a chattier and more informal tone if your business depends on a deeper social connection.

Show Your Best Small Business Strengths

People are savvy when it comes to the products and services they choose and many want to support small businesses as opposed to larger conglomerates. Often, small businesses give better service and offer higher quality. If this is your business, make sure to focus on these strengths regularly in content. Additionally, let people know if you embrace green operations and sell products that reflect caring for the environment. This point has become a strong draw for much of the population.

Build an Exemplary Reputation

Social media has become a common location to search for real reviews of products they may want to buy. Facebook offers a review function for business pages, so make sure to provide an exceptional customer experience every time. The better your reputation, the more likely you are to grab people’s attention and direct them to your website to complete a sale.

Social media is a strong platform for new businesses to communicate with potential buyers and clients. Find your specific niche and develop a marketing plan that fits your needs. Of course, if you need help with how to utilize social media to the fullest, consider hiring or consulting with a SM specialist or coach to get you started.


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