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4 Things To Do When You Hate Your Makeover

The idea of a makeover as a transformative, empowering experience paves much of our modern lifestyle and business. We use the word “makeover” and ones related as tropes to define what’s expected and accepted. Afterall, who wants to settle for less than your potential. But, what happens when you walk out of the salon and want to hide what you just paid big bucks for? Obviously, some things can be undone like color, makeup, and a wardrobe change. That said, there are some that are you may have to live with for a while. Here are 4 things you can do when you hate your makeover.

When You Hate Your Makeover #1: Stay Calm

No matter what you have chosen to do, or how extreme it is, your attitude about it will determine what happens next. The worst thing you can do is panic and make a snap decision about how you’re going to “remedy” the problem. In other words, don’t make any decisions until you calm down. I’ve seen hair color-corrections that were far worse than the original color. You get my point. I nearly ruined my hair, trying to undo a mistake that a hairdresser made. Remember, it’s hair, not a hysterectomy. Even if it’s more than hair, stay calm.

When You Hate Your Makeover #2: Investigate Your Options

If you’ve cut off all your hair and landed a pixie you hate, you still have options. Talk to your stylist and see what is possible. For example, they make extensions for short hair that look amazing while you grow out your hair. If extensions are the way to go, take your time to find a salon and products that will work for you. Online reviews like this one Glam Seamless review are extremely helpful when you may be afraid to make another mistake.

Whether you’re dealing with hair, makeup, clothing, or body art, I recommend understanding exactly why you don’t like it. Is it your fault or your service providers? This will play a huge role in the financial aspects of any deal. If someone messed up, you should be able to get things fixed without any cost to you. If it was your mistake, well, you will be on your own to pay for things.

When You Hate Your Makeover #3: Sleep On It

On the day you take the plunge with your makeover, you’re probably going to react to the change in unexpected ways. You might believe it’s horrible in the beginning but change your mind later. This is why it’s important to not panic. I have gone through makeover shock so many times that I now expect it whenever I leave the salon. 

With a clearer head and a good night’s sleep, you may realize that you can live with the changes. There’s no harm in giving it a try. You can always arrange to change it the next day if your feelings are the same, so at least give yourself one night.

When You Hate Your Makeover #4: Flow with It

Sometimes, not liking something has nothing to do with what you did. It can be as simple as changing a few other things in order to flow with it. For example, a hair color change will require you to shift some of your choices for makeup and even wardrobe. That hot pink hair will likely be a bit much with your favorite orange sweater. Experiment with your new look. Own it by transforming the rest of your look to go with it. I believe that any transformation takes time to completely master, so give yourself a break. Remember, you are in charge of your look, make it work!

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